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10 Team Building Games for Remote Workers

by Ragini Salampure
10 Team Building Games for Remote Workers

Pandemic has shifted working mode remotely to continue the office work. Many organizations offers their staff to work from home and continue working while connecting with all other employees via zoom meeting or any other app. But doing remote can be boring if you don’t have real-life interaction and fun with colleagues. Writing a thesis can be a boring task too, but you can get an expert to write my english paper and find answers for your queries. Connect with your staff with exciting games. Here are some suggestions for playing it with your colleagues.

Quizzes-based games – Quiz games can be an exciting way to initiate conversations with other workers who are shy. Design different quiz categories such as relating a common fact among colleagues, discuss food variety, or even make quizzes related to tradition and culture.

Meaningful photo – Each worker will be asked to share a photo that is valuable to them and share its story with workers. This will create a sharing and comfortable environment for newcomers. 

Simple games playing virtually – If you don’t have any to play, then make your game. Host a video conference and play virtually by making a team. Play simple games like painting a picture, a word game, and much more.

Game of words – This game is like Scrabble, the only change is you will play in a team. Each team needs to score a maximum number of words from a given tile of letters and score high to win. This game, as well as funny debatable topics will be a good way to cooperate with others and learn from each other.

Truth and lie – Online video sessions with remote workers would be interesting if each member tells three truths and one lie. The game would score reality-based answers. It will be enjoyable.

Bucket list game – Host an online session and ask your colleagues about the things they love to do or haven’t done it yet. This game will be interesting and challenging for all people. 

Play of aliens – Make 3-4 groups and one group should play the role of alien, who has landed on earth. Aliens don’t understand any English words so you use symbols or images to connect with them. This will help you to build a bond with each other and enjoy yourself with them.

Movie night – Employees will decide which movie they should via zoom or video call. It will be fun deciding the movie because everyone has a different choice. 

Donut talk – Donut is an extension that makes a group of members and changes it every week. You can converse with your group members and get a chance to know your colleagues. 

Virtual hunting game – Playing a virtual game can be a source of fun to connect and engage with other employees. Each member of the game needs to set an item and provide them a clue of its place. You can play it regularly or can extend it to one month. Every member finds the item and present it in the meeting. It would be really funny.  

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