10 Tips for Creating Real Estate Video Ads

10 Tips for Creating Real Estate Video Ads

September 2, 2022 Off By Aldo Thomas

Did you know that real estate video ads are a powerful medium to draw customer attention? Believe it or not, a whopping 400% more inquiries are generated through video ads, as per reports.

As the owner of a real estate agency, you have to keep pace with the expectations of the seller as well as the buyer. Why should a seller be preferring your agency to sell his property? The reason should be obvious from your videos. It is important to note that more than 80% of sellers prefer agents who use video ads for marketing their business.

It is an astounding fact that real estate videos gains nearly 300% more attention than any other content, as per reports. One valid reason unraveled!

Top reasons to use real estate video ads

  • They save a lot of time and money. Your video content carries information to a wider audience that can be shared multiple times among several people. 
  • Video ads help create a human connection with the audience. They can see faces behind the business to which they can relate.
  • Compared with reading textual information, video ads convey information more quickly to prospective viewers.
  • Your videos can be used to add a call to action or CTA, which may direct your buyer to download content, sign up for a newsletter, share content, etc.
  • SEO is possible through real estate video ads. Your business can rank higher in search engines.

Going forward, let us look at some amazing tips for creating real estate video ads.

Plan ahead

Planning is a vital element in all aspects of a business, including creating video ads. A proper plan is a stepping stone to success. What should be part of your planning stage?

  • Identifying the target audience
  • Planning the type of content and the equipment you need for the same
  • Considering an investment in a good real estate video editor.
  • Planning the medium for promoting the videos
  • Planning the budget for your videos

Create a short yet powerful video

Short and sweet work the best. Create crisp but informative videos that convey what exactly your buyer wants. To the point and engaging – that’s what content should be in any genre. Also, note that the first few seconds of your video are very important for retaining a viewer’s attention.

The length of the video also depends on the platform you will be hosting it on.

Focus on the distinct features of the property

Every property has a unique feature that the seller wants to portray. You should use this striking feature as a part of your video. For more information visit greetingsus.

It could be anything like an island kitchen, a cool neighborhood, a newly added sunroom, etc. If your buyer is looking for these features, it will result in an immediate response.

Make your video interactive

Use as many video elements as possible to elicit a reaction from your prospective buyer. Adding a CTA, clickable links, and downloadable links are all valuable additions to your videos. 

The prospective client feels included and is more than happy to give his/her feedback. This can generate valuable leads for the property.

Let the script of the video be captivating

Following a three-act story for video scripting evokes the desired response from the buyer. Portraying the front view, then each of the rooms and then the exteriors, along with the neighborhood is the right sequence of action. 

Using a drone to cover the entire video would help showcase the neighborhood very well. Taking your video in the form of a story attracts more audiences.

Include testimonials

The trust in your property increases when you include testimonials of existing clients. Approach your existing clients to find out if they could help with small videos of their experience with your business. 

Since real estate buying involves an emotional component, people are readily attracted to the feedback of other buyers. 

Plan your budget

Your budget is a pertinent aspect to look into while creating videos. Where do you propose to promote your videos, and whom do you want to address? These are some questions that need answers while deciding on the budget. The cost of promotion and hiring a professional marketing consultant add up to your budget.

Include interviews of neighbors in your video

While looking for properties, people place a lot of emphasis on the neighborhood. A good word from neighbors in your videos can influence the buyer’s decision greatly.

People are the ones who make the neighborhood. Bring out the positives in the locality so that the potential buyer is impressed. From the horse’s mouth, haven’t we heard?

Create high-quality videos

Video production needs great attention. High-quality videos present the real image to the buyer. The seller might be interested in highlighting certain aspects of the property that can be brought out well with quality production.

A lot of things need to be addressed here, like lighting, color, contrast, brightness, saturation, noise reduction, adjustment of the frame, aspect ratio and so on.

Use a video editor

To make your videos impactful, it is essential to use a real estate video editor. This can enhance your videos and make them more attractive.

Raw, unedited content will not find great appeal and the entire effort may go down the drain. To create seamless videos for your real estate business, try using a professional video editor. There are many free tools available online as well.


Now that you are ready to shoot stunning video ads, go ahead, but don’t stop with just that. If you know how effective your videos are, you will be able to expect leads.

Metrics help you learn this. You should know if your videos were able to generate more views, how many viewers shared them and whether the entire video was watched or if viewers skipped any part. By integrating the videos with the social media platforms, you can identify these. 

It is true that video ads are a great way to generate leads, but remember to not overdo them. Don’t make it look like promotional content. Your viewers will not have any connection with the videos then. 

Proper planning, production and editing are the basics of creating wonderful videos. So what are you waiting for? Create an engaging and informative real estate video ad to see your business soar to great heights.