Can vape juice expire?

Can vape juice expire
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There is a time when most vapers realize they bought more vape juice than what they need, and they begin to ask themselves if the vape liquid expires. This article takes a detailed look at if a vape juice can expire. Let’s dive in.

Does vape juice expire?

Vape juice does expire. It is essential to know that e-liquid does have an expiring date. Propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin are why the expiring date of vape juices is about 1 to 2 years. Many changes in e-liquid are due to the oxidation of the nicotine and degradation of the flavoring(s) in it. However, the age of the e-liquid also tells on it, and the older it becomes, the weaker the taste and strength.

What happens when vape juice expire

Many things occur when a vape juice expires after it has been purchased from a vape shop:

Separation occurs

 It is essential to know that vape juice is made up of various constituents. When the vape liquid ages, the ingredients begin to separate. However, some separation is expected, so it is necessary to shake the bottle the right way.

In the case of aging in a vape liquid, the ingredients may not come together no matter how well you shake. The vaping liquid may also have crystallized flavors or dirt that doesn’t dissolve. Hence, the vape liquid should be avoided once it gets to this point.

Color changes

Vape juices tend to darken as they age. There is no doubt that vape liquids that contain nicotine tend to be darker over time. This is due to the fact that nicotine undergoes an oxidation process, in which it reacts chemically with oxygen and the change in constituents. This is why nicotine vape liquids tend to be darker with time. However, if you notice your vape liquid is darker than what it was initially, it is time to change it.

Smell and taste changes

Usually, vape liquids should smell and taste excellent, when it is fresh inside. Due to the fact that flavors degrade as they age, their taste and smell change. Hence, if your vape juice tastes and smells terrible, unlike what you remember it to be when you purchased it in a vape shop, it is vital to change it.

Increased thickness

Vape juice becomes thicker when it ages, and once you notice this, it is time to change it. This is because it will ruin the vape coil or run out of the tank.

Nicotine degradation

Because nicotine degrades over time, the amount of nicotine reduces in vape juice decreases and tastes terrible. Degraded nicotine content in a vape liquid might not give you a good vape experience.

What makes vape juice expire?

Several factors affect how quickly vape liquid expires. Here are the main ones:

Nicotine salts degrade more than freebase nicotine

Nicotine salts expire than freebase nicotine; this is due to salt’s chemical nature rather than a freebase. However, e-liquids with no nicotine don’t have to worry about nicotine degrading.

Flavor of the vape juice

The flavor of vape juice also affects how fast the vape liquid degrades. It is essential to also know that some flavors degrade faster than others. For instance, fruit flavors lose their quality than food flavors—the degradation results in a change in taste which is strictly unpleasant. However, heat, exposure to air, agitation, and light can affect a vape liquid’s quality.

Hence, if you want to preserve your vape liquid, ensure you keep it cool and away from sunlight. Don’t shake or remove the bottles unnecessarily, and open the bottles when needed.


Steeping, which is the acceleration of the aging process, makes the e-juice taste better. This process is like letting fruit ripen to make it taste better. However, too much of it reduces the lifespan of the e-juice also.

Can vape juice expire in the tank?

Vape liquids can’t go bad outside and inside the tank. A vape tank has the best conditions to preserve the vape liquid. This is due to the fact that the tanks are often heated up and carried around.

Is it advisable to vape expired vape juice?

Ideally, a hit or two will not do any harm to you – that’s how many vapers noticed that their vape liquid has changed the taste or probably expired. However, there has been no research done or vaping news on the safety of expired juice.

Final words

If you wonder whether your vape juice is safe for consumption after reading this article, we wouldn’t recommend it. The loss of quality of vape juices occurs in the nicotine and flavor. This means that you would probably be tasting something off and not satisfying your nicotine cravings. Ensure you store your e-liquid in its bottle in a cool, dark place – and away from sunlight.

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