3 Main Advantages of Video Streaming Applications Any Business Needs to Know

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Written By Berry Mathew

Major video streaming companies let viewers watch content on different platforms or devices. People use this opportunity extensively to view videos anywhere they want. This brings multiple benefits to video streaming businesses. 

Whether you are an ISP OTT content provider, government, or educational institution, you should consider adding video streaming applications to your business.

Applications are effective for reaching many people, providing a better service, and generating more revenue. Let’s observe their advantages in detail.

What are the Advantages of Video Streaming Applications?

#1 Applications allow you to reach more people

Online video streaming services usually allow people to watch videos on any device they want: smartphones, iPhones, tablets, Smart TVs, and laptops. But not all video content providers offer such an opportunity. Some of them don’t have applications for many devices, which means that viewers can access the service only, for example, on a laptop. As a result, fewer people watch your videos. They spend less time on your platform as it is available only on one device.

Moreover, people have their own preferences as they can choose which device to watch videos on. It means that some viewers would like to watch content on a big Smart TV screen in high quality, while others are comfortable viewing videos on a smartphone. But smartphones and tablets allow people to consume content anywhere they want: in a cafe, on a bus, or in the park. 

By offering applications for multiple devices, you increase the number of viewers you can potentially reach. Furthermore, you increase the time people spend on your service as they can access it anytime and anywhere.

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#2 Applications allow you to provide a better service to your customers

Multi-platform opportunities allow people to choose which device to watch videos on right now. Having an app only for a Smart TV means that a customer can access your service only near a Smart TV, which is usually at home. If you offer an app only for smartphones, it means that viewers will watch a small picture, which is not always convenient. 

Allowing people to select the device for viewing content means letting them choose when and where to use your service. Moreover, offering multi-platform capabilities may help families overcome fights over one device and who’s using it at the moment. Everybody will be able to use the same service on different devices and watch whatever they want.

With applications, you can also send push-up notifications to viewers. Inform them about new videos or remind them of those they haven’t finished watching. This will help you increase the time people spend on your service.

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#3 Applications allow you to increase revenue

As we said above, people have different preferences when it comes to selecting a device to watch videos on. And offering to watch videos only on one device (suppose it is a smartphone) means limiting your user base only to people who love watching videos on smartphones. As a result, you don’t reach those who prefer a high-quality video on a larger screen. 

When you offer applications for different devices, you increase the number of viewers you can reach. It means that you can generate more money because you cover people with various preferences.

Drawing the Line

Applications allow you to reach more people, provide a better service, and generate more revenue. They allow you to offer a personalized experience to viewers because they are to choose which device to watch your content on.