4 Reasons Why Exercising at Home is Good for You

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Written By Berry Mathew

Did you know, home exercises were originally prescribed to patients during their first physical therapy visits. These would then be eventually updated throughout their care or rehabilitation. Doing this helps in gradual improvements that will help these patients transition back to more of an independent way of living.

This helps patients continue healing after an injury or undergoing some operation or treatment. 

For us, the benefits of exercising indoors are also the same. Being able to do physical activities in the comfort of your own home will help keep your health in line and would most likely help you become even healthier and stronger. But before you start looking for home gym hacks to do right now, here are a few details about the exercise you ought to learn.

Why is daily exercise important?

Physically speaking for added strength and energy and even a few more years added to your life, daily exercise is the key. But for specifics, here are a few facts about it.

  1. Exercise helps you control your weight

With the help of constant exercise, excessive weight gain or muscle mass loss is prevented. Physical activities help in burning calories. And you will be able to burn more calories if your exercise activities are intense.

There’s also a definite benefit to going to the gym all the time. But if in case it isn’t possible at the moment, it still isn’t all too late for you to do exercises. Even an hour every day right at the comfort of your home would be enough time for you to burn some calories and build up stamina and physical strength.

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  1. Regular exercise will help avoid diseases

Physical strength and an ideal body shape aren’t the only benefits that come with daily exercises at home. If you are worried about specific diseases or physical conditions you might be bearing right now, or even conditions you know that run on your family, one of the best ways for you to avoid all it is for you to exercise.

No matter what your current weight is at the moment or physical condition, constant physical activity will help you with these problems. Because it helps boost high-density lipoprotein cholesterol which is considered to be the “good cholesterol”. At the same time, this decreases the number of unhealthy triglycerides. The effect is that it helps in keeping your blood flow smooth, lowering the risk for any sort of cardiovascular disease.

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  1. Exercise helps in improving your mood

With all of the stressful things we see every day on the web, the undeniable truth is that most of us might be a little down in the dumps at the moment emotionally speaking. If you need a well-deserved emotional lift, going to the gym or taking a walk outside would help. If in case you aren’t able to do any of that at the moment for any sort of reason, exercising at home would suffice just as much.

Physical activities help in stimulating various brain chemicals that when released will help you to feel a little bit happier, less anxious, and overall, stress-free. 

It doesn’t stop there. If you also want to feel a lot better about your overall appearance and self-confidence, regular exercise will help you improve certain aspects of these.

  1. Regular exercise helps promote better sleeping patterns

If you are having trouble with sleeping, regular exercise will help out with that as well.

Because physical activity helps in improving mood and lessens stress and anxiety levels, after a long day and a good hour of exercise, troubles in sleeping will be a thing of the past.

The key here however is for you to not do this too close to your bedtime. Keep in mind that doing exercises will momentarily make you energized afterward. You can schedule it instead to be done in the morning or the evening a few hours before you eat dinner. That way, your body can return to a more resting and calm state.

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Regular Exercise is a physical activity that helps make you feel a lot better without needing to go to a gym. But not only that, this will help you boost your health and have fun doing it. 

You can plan things from here. You can spread out all your activities of different types of exercise throughout the week. If you are keener on losing weight, get to specific fitness goals or just get more amounts of benefits, you will need to add up more moderate aerobic activity to at least 300 more minutes a week.

If you haven’t had that much physical activity for a long time, do not go straight into the heavy sets of exercise reps. What you can focus on is doing light exercises first but most importantly, stretches. Stretching is something that most people that are planning to do exercises at home or by themselves always forget. Doing stretches will help in loosening up your joints and tendons so you wouldn’t damage or injure yourself when you decide to do all of this strenuous activity.