5 Best Online Movie Maker Software For Beginners

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Written By Berry Mathew

There are many online movie makers out there in the market for you to use in today’s world. You can edit your movies without having any experience in the video editing and video production field and without proper knowledge about the subject. Many online movie makers are just straightforward to use and learn.

When there are online movie makers that are perfectly easy to use, most of them only give you basic video making and editing features. If you want to make some more professional movies, you have to use the easy ones to better your video editing skills.

All the online movie makers have an intuitive user interface where you can jump in and out while using the application without much learning. Most well-known movie makers give you the ability to trim, join, cut the movie and also allows you to add many different kinds of effects as you like.

Here are the top 5 online movie maker software for beginners

1. InVideo

InVideo lets you make your content into a fantastic video without any problem or complications whatsoever. They serve in media companies, small businesses and help many brands expand their audience engagement using the power that movie content holds. The platform is perfect for markets, publishers, and other people and agencies that take their brand content and strategize to bring it up to the next level.

InVideo has many features that are just perfect for making a creative video, and they also make their work supper easy. They have features that are mentioned below:

  • Audio capture
  • Brand overlay
  • Bulk uploading
  • Closed captions
  • Collaboration tools
  • Customization branding
  • Customization templates
  • Drag and drop feature
  • Mobile screen support
  • Media library
  • Privacy options
  • Social adjustments
  • Split
  • Merge

These features have all the modern-day tools that you would need to make an excellent high-quality video. The application’s user interface is perfect for everyone and is not complicated; anyone can learn within days. It can be downloaded on any device like laptops, PCs, etc.

2. OpenShot

OpenShot is an easy-to-use application and has a fantastic easy interface which is excellent for beginners. It does not have any considerable range for editing features, but it has a solid option for beginners to use all the basic movie editing features. OpenShot is very useful for re-sizing, trimming, scaling, snapping, and even rotation.

You will also find some other features like scrolling, time mapping, audio editing, frame stepping, and real-time preview.

Here are some of the application’s key features

  • Drag and drop feature
  • Movie effects like brightness, gamma, greyscale, hue, and even green screen
  • You can even customize the title cards
  • You will also be able to key frame animation capabilities.
  • You should be able to download it on Android and iOS

3. Apple iMovie 

So, suppose you are one of the mac users. In that case, the application is the best for movie editing in your system. iMovie’s tenth high-fidelity filters are the classiest when you want to edit some game videos, or you are going to shoot some movie on your iPhone or any other Apple products.

One of the most notable features of iMovie is its green-screen or the Chroma – essential tool that allows you to place your characters in any location that you have seen fit. If you want to overlay the scene with some sounds, then the application ties you directly with iTunes, from where you can take any custom tracks or sounds and then use it in your video.

The application has the following features;

  • Seamless apple product integration
  • Green screen
  • Audio and social platform
  • Integration
  • In the latest versions of MACS, you can find this application in – build and ready to use.

4. Movavi Video Editor Plus 

Movavi is an excellent movie editing application for beginners. It has all the simple features, which makes its user interface very user-friendly. It has features like easy import controls, audio transitions, filters, and you can also export some famous movie formats and then even share directly from the application itself. This application also gives you the ability to cut and splice your movie clips and then create your own customized titles and sync your sound to your footage.

It has the following features

  • It has built-in intros, videos, background, music, and audios
  • It has many filters, transitions, and title option for you to choose from
  • You can do a keyframe on the animation of the titles, overlay videos, stickers, and many more.
  • The possibilities are limitless with the Movavi Video Editor Plus

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5. Corel Video studio 

Corel video studio has all the characteristics of all the other top-notch line applications. It has 360 – degree VR and 4 K support. The feature that makes it unique is that it also distinguishes being the first application that offers consumer movie editing with a motion-tracking tool. The feature helps you track all the specific objects through your cuts and movie clips.

Most of the applications have a motion-tracking tool, but the Corel video studio allows you to boast and use one of the best motion tracking systems worldwide.

Another thing that I like best about Corel video studio is that it is speedy. Any other application cannot match its speed till now. The user interface of the application is just adorable and straightforward; if you want to start your career in movie editing, then you will be able to operate this application like an expert in no time.

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Ending note 

If you are a movie director or new in the movie marking field and are looking to get a movie editing application, this list has you covered; you will learn any application that you like from this list in no time as all the applications are perfect for any person who wants to dip their toes in the sea of movie making and editing.