5 Different Ways to Dress Like Leonardo DiCaprio

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Written By Berry Mathew

Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio has won everything from an Oscar to the hearts of millions around the globe. Leo has mastered the art of portraying complex characters with depth and dedication. 

He is not just another pretty face. While he does indeed have a pretty face, his impeccable talent, charm, and character are undeniable. To narrow down his career into a few favorites is close to impossible. There are just too many!

Do you want to channel your inner Leo? Well, here are five ways to dress like DiCaprio’s most iconic characters. 

Danny Archer (Blood Diamond)

In a war-torn Sierra Leone, a mercenary and fisherman go on a treacherous quest to retrieve the precious stone that would change their lives forever. The former, named Danny Archer, is played by DiCaprio, and the latter, Solomon Vandy by Djimon Hounsou. They come face to face with the bloody realities of the diamond trade as they traverse rebel land. 

So, how can you dress like Danny Archer? You will need a few things: an earth-toned undershirt, a safari cloth button-down, a Breitling Chrono Avenger Watch, brown combat boots, and loose cargo pants. 

The outfit is one of Leo’s more casual and rugged looks. The key to the Danny Archer fit is open button shirts and dark neutral tones. To finish off the effortless look, make sure to throw in a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses.  

Jay Gatsby (The Great Gatsby)

Enter into the mysterious flamboyant world of The Great Gatsby. In this aesthetic masterpiece, Leonardo DiCaprio plays Jay Gatsby, a millionaire whose life is narrated through the lens of Nick, a writer (Tobey Maguire). Nick finds himself enthralled by the exuberant lifestyle of the wealthy and weaves a story from it. 

Dressing like Gatsby may seem like a luxury that is out of reach. Do not worry! You don’t need to purchase a walking stick to steal the Gatsby wardrobe. Here is what you will need: a striped necktie, a brown or pink suit, a matching vest, and a white button-up shirt. 

While you are free to wear an outfit as great as Gatsby’s any time, we recommend wearing it during formal events. Just add the iconic smile and confidence then you will be one step closer to DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby.

Jack Dawson (Titanic)

Board the RMS Titanic (or don’t) and witness the stories of love and loss unfold. Leonardo DiCaprio plays Jack, a poor artist who falls in love with Rose, an aristocrat. Together, they challenge societal standards and status, only to fall victim to time and tragedy (cue “My Heart Will Go On”).

Think you can pull off the Jack Dawson look? Here is what you might need: a bib shirt, a wool vest, corduroy pants, trusty suspenders, and beautiful locks that fall perfectly into place. Just leave the freezing to death look out of the picture, and you’ll do great!

If you want to go all-in, feel free to add a vintage wool motoring cap to the outfit. While our time with Jack was short, he will always be in the DeCaprio character hall of fame. 

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Dominick “Dom” Cobb (Inception)

Starring alongside big names like Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Peaky Blinders’ Cillian Murphy, DiCaprio acts in yet another mind-boggling film. Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece revolves around Dom’s ability to delve into people’s dreams. I will say nothing more, but this thrilling film will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Cobb’s style switches throughout the movie. For instance, in dreams, he is typically wearing more casual and loose-fitting clothes. On the other hand, outside his dreams, he is usually seen wearing a dress shirt with some slacks. If you can rock both, then you and Dom have one thing in common!

If you want to dress like Dom, then you might need the following in your closet: trousers, a button-down, and a good ol’ leather jacket. Dress it up with a pair of brown shoes and a brown belt to tie the whole outfit together. And you got yourself another Leonardo DiCaprio look!

Frank Abagnale Jr. (Catch Me If You Can)

Here’s a fun fact: Leo was 28 when he portrayed a teenage con artist. Based on a true story, Leo played Frank Abagnale Jr., a master of forgery and deception. From a teacher to a Pan Am pilot to a doctor, he scammed his way to more and more wealth. 

Whether it’s orange Italian knits or white tuxedos, Abagnale’s clothing choice is as bold as his tricks. Throughout the movie, Leo wore tailored suits paired with straight-cut chinos. He generally stuck with the classics when he wasn’t impersonating a doctor or any other profession under the sun. 

No matter what you wear, if you can convincingly carry it with confidence, then you got the Frank Abagnale spirit in you. Steal Leonardo DiCaprio’s look in Catch Me If You Can! But do us a favor and please do not steal a person’s identity. 

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After decades of acting, Leo still acts with the same gusto and passion. Indeed, the king of the cinema is also the king of the closet. Do you want to dress like DiCaprio? Then go binge-watch his movies and learn from the man himself!