5 Keys to Getting Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification

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Written By Berry Mathew

PMP, being one of the finest project management credentials all over the world, demands the candidates to qualify the certification exam with good result. The following certification is awarded to the candidates from PMI (Project Management Institute). Qualifying certification exam needs the candidates to demonstrate their expertise and knowledge in the field of project management. The following is one of the toughest certification exams and hence, requires candidates to prepare thoroughly. Achieving the following certification can not only provide high paying jobs, but it will also allow the candidates to get global recognition. The PMP certification has enhanced the career of a lot of candidates in the field of project management.

Achieving the PMP certification would never be easy. Therefore, candidates are required to follow certain steps to qualify the exam and achieve the following certification.

Steps to achieve the PMP (Project Management Professional) credential:

  • Take part in project management activities:

The candidates need to understand that the PMP training in Chicago IL is different from others. Simple memorizing the study materials and qualifying the exam is not possible. The candidates need to develop the project management mindset in order to qualify the exam. The candidates need to enhance the complete view of the work like observing work activities in terms of resources, expenses, budget, project risks, colleagues, strategies, schedule and many more.

The candidates can develop this mindset in themselves only if they get indulged in some project management activities. Hence, candidates are recommended to reach out the project managers in their respective companies and become thorough about how the carry out their work.

  • Give sufficient time for exam preparation:

The candidates need to provide sufficient time to prepare thoroughly for the certification exam rather than only reading the study materials. It is better if the candidates take out 6 months for the entire exam preparation. This means that they can take out at least 1 hour regularly for their exam preparation. It is better if they give it some more time on regular basis. The candidates have a lot to learn in order to qualify the certification exam and achieve the certification. The following includes numerous aspects of expenses analysis too. Therefore, they are recommended to have sufficient time for preparing the following. 

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  • Qualifying the mock tests properly:

There is a simple thumb rule saying that if you haven’t qualified the mock test with satisfactory results, then they shouldn’t go for the real test. Qualifying the mock examinations with a good score can prepare the candidates for the real test thoroughly and can boost the confidence in them. The candidates need to keep in mind that the present passing score of the PMP Certification exam is 80.6%. The candidates can go for the real test only if they get a closer result in mock exam. This is because the qualifying percentage of the exam clearly states that the questions in the exam won’t be easy. Hence, candidates are recommended to score above 90% marks in their mock examinations numerous times and then call themselves ready for the certification exam.

  • Writing a project management plan:

The following can be considered as the most tasking part of exam preparation effort. But, the following step is one of the major step to towards success in the following field. A project management plan is something which clearly defines the progress rate or the success rate of a project. The following carries every single detail about the necessary activities of a project. The candidates can guide themselves by building proper and proficient project management plan. Candidates can learn to build the following by reading numerous project management plans in the internet for any hypothetical project. While making project plans, they will also become acquainted with the challenges which they have to face while making the following in future.

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  • Absorb the PMBOK guide at least 3 times:

The PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) contains all the necessary information regarding project management. The following also features certain steps which candidates can follow to qualify the PMP certification exam. In simple words, we can say that the PMP certification exam is based on the PMBOK guide. The questions they would come across in PMP guide are generally based on real world scenarios. Therefore, preparing from the PMBOK guide can take the candidates one step ahead towards qualifying the examination.