5 Tech Savvy Hacks to Smarten Up Your Home

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Written By Berry Mathew

Don’t we all want to make our lives more convenient and easier? The solution is simple: invest in smart home technology.

If you’re buying a new property or selling a current one, a property agent helps in making the process seamless and also assists in overcoming any problems that may arise. You can stick to focusing on other important parts of moving home, such as looking into the type of smart home devices you want to invest in.

Now, whether you’re looking for a voice assistant, smart lights, or a smart cooker, there are plenty to choose from. Everyone loves to see a home where modern technology is incorporated into every other thing.

Who doesn’t want to see high-tech appliances begin to be used in their home? More and more people are choosing to upgrade their traditional homes into smart ones. If you’re one of them, then you have landed at the right place.

In this article, we’ll be sharing five tech-savvy hacks to smarten your traditional home. You can also browse through first energy home to see all the amazing smart home devices you can purchase for your smart home.

Smart Lighting

The fact that you can control your lights from anywhere within or outside of the house, is what makes smart lights a popular smart home device.

Some smart lights can dim themselves and even change their color. This allows you to set a specific mood with the lighting. For instance, Philips Hue smart light bulbs can gradually brighten themselves during the day, hinting that it’s time to be out of bed.

All you need to do is connect the hub to your home Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth to control the lights through their app on your smartphone. Apart from smart lights being fun, they are also energy-efficient and cost-efficient devices.

You’ll be saving a good amount of money every year with all the smart lights in use in your home.

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Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaners are gaining more popularity among consumers and are perfect for saving effort and time at home.

This is because this smart device moves around the house by itself, without needing you to lift a finger. Moreover, they’re no longer extremely expensive, as there’s a high level of competition with standard vacuums.

Similar to smart lights, you can access the robot vacuum cleaner remotely through its app on your smartphone, and further schedule cleaning.

Smart Thermostats

A smart thermostat allows you to create a heating and cooling schedule based on your temperature preferences. So, why won’t you invest in one?

A smart thermostat is another energy-efficient smart home device that ensures you conserve energy and that your home is not heating or cooling unnecessarily. You can easily find a smart thermostat that is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

In other words, you can sync it with your smartphone and control it from anywhere around the world. You’ll be struggling less and will also be reducing your monthly bills. The latest trend is to place sensors in individual rooms so that the smart thermostats opiate in areas that are occupied.

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Water Saver

Smart technology that has the ability to save water is not only good for your bank balance, but for the planet as well. The water pebble has the ability to memorize how long your first shower was and refer to it as a benchmark.

It flashes green, amber, and red to indicate how long your shower has gone and done. It’s time for you to wrap it up. Every time you enter the shower, it consciously shortens your shower to help save water.

You can also invest in a smart water meter for your shower to help conserve your resources. It doesn’t require electricity or a battery to run it, instead, it generates energy from the water flow. It notifies you of the water volume, and water temperature, and utilizes climate animations to help reduce water usage.

Smart Refrigerator

It’s no longer a surprise to forget that your milk is finishing because it happens in every other household. Well, that’s what a smart refrigerator is for!

A smart refrigerator comes with an LCD screen that improves storage options. It interacts with a smartphone app which gives you the ability to maintain an inventory of all the food left in your fridge.

Moreover, it also shares energy reposts to notify you of the noun of energy you’re using. You can also track the expiration dates of your food so as to reduce wastage.


The smart home offers us one too many benefits, and it’ll only get smarter with time. That’s why it’s best to start investing in smart home devices to enjoy all the benefits today!

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