5 Tips For Life Science Translations

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As many medical companies and research institutions extend their work overseas, linguistic barriers quickly become an issue. MotaWord is here to provide Life Science translation services with its Artificial Intelligence (AI) supported translation platform to ensure your company communicates your idea and work in over 94 languages.

Life science translation consists of medical documentations related to medicines and medical equipment that ultimately can save human lives. This means that translation in life science field, focus on accuracy and quality, since incorrect translations and omissions could end up costing lives. Therefore, Life science companies need translation services that take those stakes into account when assuring the quality of the translation.

Our platform has extensive experience providing services in Life Science translations in the following verticals:

Life Sciences verticals

Life sciences comprise an extremely broad field of human knowledge, so it is no surprise that life science translations come in an equally wide variety of flavors. Amongst its most important categories, one finds Healthcare, Pharma, Medical Device Manufacture, CRO and BioTechnology, each with its own complexities and intricacies.

Due to the great amplitude of the field, looking for the right life science translation company for your needs can be a daunting task. If this is the position you find yourself in right now, then look no further. MotaWord is one of the world’s leading life science translation providers and we would be delighted to take this burden off your shoulders and handle all of your projects for you.

If you would like to save time, just get a free quote with us right away! Alternatively, if you wish to know more about the subject, read on and we will explain more about each of these subdivisions while giving you a few tips and pointers that will make you better equipped to make the best choices to meet your life science translation needs.

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In an increasingly globalized world, it is no wonder people find themselves communicating with healthcare professionals from every part of the globe more often. Therefore, Healthcare is understandably foremost among the different areas of life science translations. One of the most commonly encountered topics, it is an extremely broad subject that encompasses many different areas of medicine and biology.

Due to the enormous seriousness of the unwanted consequences of a poor translation in this field, translation in life science is nothing to be taken lightly. At MotaWord, only the most seasoned veterans in the life science industry are carefully selected and allowed to work in our life science translation projects. Their many years of experience are an absolute must if the required standards of quality of the final product are to be met, thus ensuring seamless communication between institutions, professionals and patients.

Medical Devices

With the growth of the medical devices industry, medical device manufacturers depend on accurate and quick localization to be able to fully access the global market. Translation in Life Science when it comes to Medical Devices we need to recognize the importance and sensitivity of these translations and make sure the device manufacturers receive the highest quality translations. You need to be assured that your medical device is used safely with the help of accurately translated technical manuals, compliance documents, software application interfaces, package inserts, labels, user guides, and other documentation translations. You may visit Languex translation if you require fast, accurate, and affordable birth certificate translation services.


Whether you are a pharmaceutical company looking to extend your sales internationally or you want to bring a new drug to the market and in need of life science translation companies that can deliver high quality and accurate translation in life science to extend the reach of your treatment across national frontiers, MotaWord is here to take the charge.

We are well aware that accurate life science translation services will directly affect patients’ lives and localization is required in most stages including production, clinical trial research, marketing, and regulatory submission. We have professional expert medical translators who are supported with our language translation technologies to deliver the most accurate life science translations in a timely manner.

Contract Research Organizations (CRO)

With the development of new drugs, medical device products, and biotechnologies, the translation needs related to clinical trials also increase immensely. This is why life sciences companies turn to CROs to advance their processes and to implement their studies to the most applicable markets globally. You need an expert life science translations team who will help you achieve the best results. A platform should also come with technologies that allow you to customize the service in ways that will meet all your specialized needs.

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In the Life Sciences industry, it is crucial to be accurate, efficient, and fast while being in regulatory compliance – language discrepancies must never become an issue. Life science translation services providers have to pay extra attention to quality and accuracy more than any other field as errors or inaccuracies in translation processes could easily affect the lives of people directly