7 Best Profitable Online Business That You Can Start During Quarantine Period

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In light of the tension that the world is experiencing hard times due to the ‘COVID19’ (coronavirus). Most authorities around the world have taken measures that will limit this disease. Perhaps the most prominent of which is the decision to put the ‘home quarantine’ or ‘curfew’, which caused a deficit in the labor market and a markedly high unemployment rate.

So We have chosen the 7 Best Profitable Online Businesses for you that you can do from your home and you are not the only one in this thinking, as many people around the world have lost their work and are looking for such ways to compensate, as these works will return you some money.

1. Accessories Business

If you enjoy handicrafts such as accessories or home décor, Mobile accessories, fashion accessories, it is possible to start your small business to sell what you manufacture from some websites on the Internet or display it on your own page on “Facebook”. All it is is to create what you want to sell and take some pictures for it and put it.

On the Internet, everyone who wants to buy what I have made will order it from you, and you only have to choose the method of payment that you want, as it is one of the means to develop skills and creativity and provide you with money as if you are working even for a temporary period. It’s one of the best profitable online businesses.

  • It’s fully your business and you’re the Boss.
  • Execute different strategies for expanding business without other’s permission.
  • You can contribute to the community as you can create jobs for others.
  • You’re the boss so the full financial risk is also yours.
  • You need to give too much time to grow your business.
  • Need to understand customer’s priority.

2. Create a website or blog

Blogging is one of the best businesses that enables you to profit from it all the time, either through the articles you write or the columns that you add to your blog constantly. You can create your own blog through Google or other sites such as Blogger, Tumblr, Medium, or any other site.

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To write on such blogs, all you have to do is find the topics that you love to write about and start, in the end, you will not lose anything.

  • It can make you a brand.
  • Best for Long-term earning.
  • No need for too much knowledge.
  • It consumes too much time for research.
  • It may take time to stand for sustainable earning.

3. Customer Support

There are some companies specializing in the supply of external support, such as the “Outsourcing” company. You can provide a service to customers from your home so that you receive calls directly from customers who need to answer a question or solve a specific problem.

But these companies may not accept people outside the countries in which they operate. With it, all you have to do, my dear brother, is to search and try as much as possible.

Source: Search Engine Journal

  • No need for experience.
  • You can learn different languages too.
  • It can help you to learn different skills.
  • Lots of opportunities to grow.
  • There is a lot of responsibility.
  • You have to spend more time with electronic devices (ex; Phones, PC, etc).

4. Accountant Services

If you are good at dealing with numbers and you find yourself always helping your friends with accounts and dealing with taxes, try to employ your skill, starting with accounting work, so that you offer your services to companies, but it is not a requirement that you be part of their teams, but all that is to do is to provide them with a service for a certain amount of money.

I strongly advise you to access some programs that are used in such cases and also that you can advertise for yourself on ‘Facebook’ or ‘Twitter’ in order for these companies specializing in this field to get to know you and do your small project.

  • There is a high potential for growth.
  • Enterpreneurs potential.
  • Stable job.
  • Consumes more time.
  • The work can be stressful.

5. Private Tutor

If you like teaching, you can also start by doing some lessons that help students in their studies via the Internet, so all you have to do is open a YouTube channel and create simple and professional educational videos in order to facilitate the students’ understanding.

You can also join different Ed-tech companies like Unacademy, Byju’s, etc as they offer good payout.

A private teacher who is working online

  • No cost of startup.
  • You can learn more.
  • You’re the Boss.
  • Need patience.
  • Need to spend more time on electronics (ex; Phone, PC, etc).

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6. Translator Jobs

If you master a specific language such as English, French, Spanish, or any other different languages, you can also work as a freelance translator. There are many, many companies and sites that have papers and files that need a translation. You can use one of these sites such as “we localize” or “SDL” and there are more.

The more of these that provide this service, all you have to do is open the search engine and search for what you want, and each of these sites has different payment methods, most of which are by opening a bank account or bank cards

There are many sites that work in the field of home business, either by programming, writing, or translation, sales, commission, etc. The principle of “Virtual team” has recently spread, so that a team works that none of them knows the other except through the Internet and from different countries around the world.

Translator jobs

  • Lots of freelance work in this field.
  • So comfortable for work from home.
  • You can learn other languages too.
  • Need good knowledge about the language.
  • No permanent job.

7. Network Marketing Jobs

Network Marketing is a business of action where the conveyance of an item or service is finished by autonomous members functioning as a group. The person (who works for it) affiliates make commissions on the offer of the items or services they deal just like the deals of different partners they bring into their group.

It works because the commissions are paid on the grounds that the Company doesn’t need to burn lots of dollars in promoting. Network marketing depends on informal publicizing which is the best type of advertisement. Consider it when you go out, watch an extraordinary film, you will go out and inform others explaining it.

  • Easy to start.
  • Impressively improve communication skills.
  • It can help you to learn different skills.
  • Lots of opportunities to grow.
  • Most jobs are face-to-face.
  • It takes time to grow.
  • There are lots of fraud companies.

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