7 Expert Uses for Industrial Glue Guns That Make Them Remarkably Versatile

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Written By Berry Mathew

Are you looking for an effective solution to create stable packaging for your products? When you have merchandise that needs to be shipped to destinations, it’s essential to provide packaging that can keep the items safe and dry.

That said, have you considered using a hot melt glue gun to create durable and reliable packaging? While you might think that glue guns are really only suited to arts and crafts projects, their industrial counterparts are strong enough to be the sealing solution you’ve been looking for. 

How Do Glue Guns Work?

If you’re not really a hobby or craft enthusiast, you may not be all that familiar with how the whole process works. Essentially, cylindrical, flexible glue sticks are placed into a hot glue gun. The heat of the glue gun then warms the glue and makes the perfect adhesive to attach everything from fabric to wood together. 

Industrial glue guns work using the same principle. In industrial settings you can use glue guns during many different parts of assembly and packaging processes. Keep in mind that the industrial versions are considerably larger, generate more power and use stronger types of glue for maximum adhesion. 

Top Uses of Industrial Glue Guns

One of the top advantages of using industrial glue guns is that they have various strengths of bond formation, making them ideal for larger, heavier items to be stuck together. Let’s take a look at the top reasons many packaging companies use these superior glue guns together with strapping tape as their top choice for packaging sealing.

  1. Packaging and Box Sealing

One of the top areas where hot melt glue guns are used is in the sealing of boxes for different applications. With the advantage of greater bonds, these glue applications are ideal for milk and juice boxes that require strong adhesion to prevent leakage. 

Since the type of glue used is water-resistant, you can be sure you’ll have a sturdy box for any liquid. With a variety of glue guns and glues, it’s easy to find the right combination for the type of box you need securing.

  1. Building Applications

Hot melt glue guns can also be used to provide adhesion for carpets and tiles during installation. Many carpet specialists agree that this type of installation provides safer and better-looking aesthetics than staples and nails.

  1. Various Product Assemblies

Another effective use for hot melt glue is securing a wide range of items during product assembly in various industries. Some examples of where they’re popular:

  • HVAC applications
  • Mattresses
  • Furniture assembly
  • Laminate flooring
  • Cosmetic jewellery
  • Plastic components
  1. Cold Temperature Packaging

If you’re in the packaging industry, then you know that it can often be difficult to pack items that are exposed to below-freezing temperatures. That’s because not all adhesives hold up in colder temperatures.

Additionally, items such as frozen foods also experience a lot of handling before they reach their final destination. Not only are these packages tossed around in the supermarket, but they’re also crammed into freezers at consumers’ homes.

Obviously, the packaging needs to hold up until you finally use the product. Hot melt glue is the key in this process to ensure that the packages hold up well enough to protect the contents.

  1. Labelling Applications

Once you have secured the packaging, it’s time to fix labels that will remain on the product till the consumer uses it. This is because labels often contain vital data such as product use and care or even dietary information.

The last thing the customer needs is a product of which the label has fallen off! The good news is that hot melt glue can be used to bond all types of paper and cardboard to plastic—and it will hold well.

  1. Bookbinding

Modern books are usually bound using hot melt adhesives. Using the correct glue gun with the specified hot glue melt application will ensure that your books are bound up quickly and securely. Many customers in the bookbinding business opt to use specialised bookbinding hot glue kits to ensure that books are put together securely and efficiently.

  1. Leather Footwear Applications

One of the best ways to secure the leather components that make up shoes and other footwear is by using hot melt products. Some of the more common uses of hot melt glue in the footwear industry include:

  • Adhering the insides of shoes
  • Bonding insoles
  • Affixing shoe tongues
  • Applying the foam inside shoes
  • Gluing accessories to the outside of shoes as decorations

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Final Thought

No matter what industry you’re in, chances are you can use a hot melt industrial glue gun to make your assembly or packaging processes significantly easier and more efficient. Opting for quality industrial glue guns and compatible glue types will go a long toward producing superior products that your company can be proud of being associated with!