7 Tips on Creating Gift Baskets for Beginners

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Written By Berry Mathew

Do you love making people feel special on their birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions? Are you always looking for ways to surprise people with meaningful gifts?

Don’t bother giving a gift card. Instead, you should be creating gift baskets.

Gift baskets can be filled with many different items, either purchased or handmade. They’ll communicate so much care and attention, and will be sure to wow whoever is receiving the basket.

Gift baskets are also great when giving a gift to multiple people. Maybe you want to give a gift basket for each one of your coworkers, or for all of your child’s teachers. Gift baskets make this process easy and fun.

If you are new to making them, then you are probably looking for some gift basket designs and inspiration. Keep reading to learn what gift basket material to use, and what gift basket items you should include.

  1. Use a Quality Basket

One of the most important things you should do is to use a high-quality basket. Don’t use the 99 cent baskets that are often used on Easter.

Instead, visit a local craft store to find baskets that are still affordable, that fit within your gift basket budget, but are much classier than the dirt cheap ones. If giving multiple gifts to multiple people, you can choose to either use the same style basket for each or to use different baskets. Either will look good in the end.

You can even get a picnic-style basket with a lid. When displayed with all its contents, make sure the lid is propped open. The bonus of using a higher quality basket is that the receiver will often keep and use the basket themselves.

  1. Think of a Theme

You don’t always need to use themed baskets, but on occasion, they can make the fit basket more fun. If it’s an anniversary basket, for example, you can create a date night basket.

Maybe it has some chocolates and candy, along with a bottle of wine. You can also include a gift card to an online streaming service so that they can rent a movie.

Or maybe someone you know was recently baptized, and you want to celebrate them taking the next step in their faith. You can include a brand new Bible, one or two other Christian books, and even some women’s or men’s Christian rings.

  1. Line the Bottom

To create a beautiful gift basket, you want the contents of the basket to be elevated and held in place so that they are displayed better. Otherwise, they would fall to the bottom of the basket, and it wouldn’t be very pretty.

You’ll want to line the bottom of the basket with something light and sturdy enough to hold up your gift items. Some people use crumbled brown craft paper. Others will use shredded packing paper, similar to what you’d use in an Easter basket.

To keep it clean and simple, you could use some insulation spray foam. You can spray some into a shape the size of your basket and let it harden. Once hard, place it at the bottom of your basket, and you have a lightweight, solid layer to elevate your goodies.

  1. Add Some Decorations

There are many different gift basket decorations to choose from. The sky is the limit here.

It’s best if they fit with any theme that you are trying to create. A layer of floral excelsior on the bottom, which is like synthetic hay, makes all baskets look nice.

You can add fake flowers. Or you can add small, potted plants. You can find some smooth stones and add them to the basket, or you can even write encouraging words on each one. And you can make or buy little chalkboard signs to write the recipient’s name, or how they should use the gift basket.

  1. Wrap It Up

If you want to make your gift baskets look professional, it’s best to wrap them up in cellophane when you’re all done. Even if the basket is made of homemade, cheap items, the plastic wrap will make it seem more valuable.

You can buy a roll of cellophane, and cut a piece large enough to cover your basket. Set the basket on top of your large piece of plastic. Fold it upwards and tie the top together.

If there are any gaps, use clear tape to hold the cellophane together.

  1. Organizing the Gift Contents

Organizing the basket is pretty easy to do. You just want to make sure that you place the largest items in the back and the smallest items in the front. That way, when looking at the basket, it’s easy to see everything all at one time.

If you need to hold larger items in place, so they don’t fall on top of everything else, you can place sticks in the back of the basket. Then, tape or tie the large items to the sticks so they don’t shift around.

Likewise, you can also add a small piece of tape to each of the smaller items to ensure everything stays put and looks good upon delivery.

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  1. Use Baskets to Spruce Up Other Gifts

Maybe you do want to give someone a gift card for their special occasion. Honestly, everyone loves receiving gift cards to their favorite stores so that they can purchase the items they truly want without feeling guilty.

But giving a gift card is boring and doesn’t feel special. Using a gift basket, filled with other cheap or handmade decors and items, you can include a gift card but make the experience much more special.

Likewise, baskets can be used to make any other type of simple gift more exciting to receive, such as a bottle of expensive liquor, tickets to an event, and so forth.

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Creating Gift Baskets Is Fun

As you can see, creating gift baskets isn’t hard. Nor does it have to be expensive.

Plus, if you plan on making multiple baskets, you can buy supplies in bulk and save even more money. There’s no reason to be buying mass-produced gift baskets at retail prices. Making your own is way more fun.

Looking for other tips like this? Be sure to check out the rest of our blog today to keep reading.