8 Things Which You Don’t Know About Ivanka Trump

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Written By Berry Mathew

Ivanka Trump is one of the most adorable politician ladies. She is the daughter of US President Donald Trump. In the White House, she has all Beauty and brains a lavish lifestyle and a beautiful family.

Ivanka is a self-sufficient woman and her lifestyle is very special. While the mum-of-three Ivanka has an unbelievably boisterous way of life, she despite everything endeavors to keep up to her beautiful and politically active.

With his good works and his political presence, he always stays on the news and social media. But she’s keeping some pretty private secrets which many of her fans don’t know or the Trump Family’s Empire does not want you to know.

So today we are sharing 8 secrets that Ivanka Trump doesn’t want you to know.

1. Ivanka hates Modeling

Ever since she hated the modeling industry but she had a pretty successful life as a fashion model and he loves fashionable items.

But Ivanka wasn’t really a fan of the modeling industry at all.

In a 2007 interview with Mary Claire magazine, she called supermodels some of the meanest cattiest ladies on the planet. She also said they were entitled unsupervised, undereducated, pampered teenagers whose every success came as a direct result of someone else’s disappointment.

Ivanka Trump in her fashionable outfit

2. Ivanka and Clintons are the friends

Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump are very good friends notwithstanding politics. Ivanka didn’t just donate a lot of money to the Clinton Foundation but she’s also really good friends with former President Bill Clinton’s daughter Chelsea Ivanka.

Chelsea has been friends for almost 7 years and their friendship didn’t change a single bit when their parents went head-to-head during the recent presidential race for the USA.

Even Chelsea also spoke about their friendship and said “it isn’t based on politics and it wasn’t going to end because of politics.”

Either the Clintons were also in attendance at President Trump’s wedding, Melania back in 2005 as well as that Ivanka’s wedding to her husband Jared Kushner in 2009.


3. Ivanka Supported Democrats

Her father ran in the presidential race for the Republican Party but Ivanka Trump and her family have endorsed many Democrats in 2013 as well.

She was a fundraiser for Cory Booker’s potential Vice President contender for Hillary Clinton’s mission Ivanka Trump and her family. She likewise gave about $300,000 to the Clinton Foundation which is a philanthropic association established by former President – Bill Clinton.

4. Ivanka name is not real

Ivanka is not her real name although she’s well known as Ivanka Trump. This isn’t actually her real name when she was born on October 30th, 1981.

She was given the name Ivana just like her mother. It was obviously a bit confusing to have two people named Ivana in the same house. That’s why her parents started calling her Ivanka instead and that’s the name she’s used.

❛❛Ivanka not only a boardroom member, however, but she has also played a significant role as a judge in the fashion reality competition as well.❜❜

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5. Ivanka has a stalker

She dealt with a horrifying situation with her stalker Justin Massler. It took 2 years for him to finally be arrested for harassment and he spent 6 months in jail and was hit with a restraining order.

After his release, he was put waiting on the post-trial process and inevitably wound up in a mental wellness hospital where he later got away and booked a hotel room just a block away from Trump Tower. At the point when the Secret Service discovered Justin was excessively risky and disregarding the limiting request. Again he was captured by police in November 2016.

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6. Her relationship troubles

Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner tied the knot and the relationship was full of many ups and downs. They dated for almost 3 years before Jared’s parents encouraged them to break up due to their religious differences.

She was a Presbyterian and Jared is an Orthodox Jew. His parents hoped he would marry a Jewish woman so they both decided to go the separate ways they eventually gave their relation to another chance when Ivanka made the choice to convert to Judaism.

His parents were happy. Jared put a ring on it and the two have been married ever since.

Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner

7. She loves drugstore’s makeup

Ivanka Trump’s father Donald Trump is a billionaire and she has a very well and good net worth of her own. But Ivanka still loves good deals.

In an interview, she said “my mother taught her all about the wonderful and cheap products that can be found in drugstores. She has been hooked ever since some of her favorite products include aqua for healing ointment chapstick Aveeno body moisture and purpose gentle cleansing wash.”

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8. Ivanka doesn’t own a blow dryer

Ivanka Trump has some sexy awesome hair and it doesn’t take much for her to get her blonde locks smooth and shiny. She says she doesn’t even own a blow dryer and on most days she ends up leaving the house with semi-wet hair.

She walks from her home in the Upper East Side to her office in midtown Manhattan, New York and she allows the air in the wind to naturally blow-dry her hair to perfection.