A Complete Guide on Manifestation Journal 

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Written By Berry Mathew

For many, a manifesting journal is their accomplice on the path to greatness. Hence, several successful men/women treasure it. However, some individuals do not understand what this journal is and how to get started. If you are one of these individuals, explore our simple yet critical look into manifesting journals and a complete guide on how to use them extensively to your advantage!

Tips on Ways to Start a Manifestation Journal

A self care journal creates more awareness, giving you a clear vision of how to direct your life. It pushes you to generate the right insights to map out how to reach your goals the right way.

It would be best to have a journal (notebook) to begin your manifestation journaling journey. The book must contain your manifestation ideas. While on the path of actualization, you may start to realize effective strategies you need to adopt. These are steps to help you make an impactful manifestation journal.

Step 1 – Freewriting

An excellent technique to adopt for self-care is freewriting. It allows us to express ourselves in the notebook freely. In addition, freewriting is a superb method to use in handling a manifestation journal. With it, you do not go through the stress of how to fill your journal.

Freewriting tends to help us clear our emotions concerning uncertainties or regrets that often act as a barrier to us achieving our life goals.

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Step 2 – Set Goals

In psychology, the topic of manifestation is a controversial one because it is usually paired with excerpts from ‘The Law of Attraction’ though it has no scientific backing. Nevertheless, we can deduce from this law that we can manifest them when we focus on our goals. Adopting goal-setting techniques and science-based approaches can help us go far in the journey. But, it is always best to choose smart goals because you have a higher chance of achieving them.

Step 3 – Clarify Your Why

After writing down your goals, ask yourself why your outlined goals are essential to you, the benefits of achieving the plan, and the fulfillment you will derive from achieving your goal.

If you have meaningful goals, you will surely know. 

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Step 4 – Change your Mindset

A negative mindset is often the reason we do not achieve our goals. You must remove all negative thoughts in your head that could hinder you from reaching your goals. Instead, develop a positive mindset to help you create strategies that will benefit your plans. Do not stand in the way of your positive result.

Step 5 – Track your Progress

You can easily track your progress with a self-care journal. It helps you to adopt the right strategy to attain your goals and gives you a more precise technique for achieving your intended result if there is no progress. In summary, it keeps you in line with reaching your set-out goals.


From this article, you can deduce that owing a manifesting journal is an essential step into creating smart goals and achieving them. They put you on track and help you develop strategies you can adopt to reach a positive result. Get started with your self care journaling here!