A Comprehensive Guide to Upload an App On Google Play Store

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Smartphones are one of the most important tools among most users across the world. More than 60% of people keep their smartphones with them while sleep at night. And this is the first thing of the morning routine that they check the first time. Make sure, you have worn safety glasses with blue blocker lenses while working maximum part of the day in front of a digital screen.

There is a lover-like relationship between users and their smartphones and business persons are cashing successfully different opportunities by getting apps for almost everything. Almost all businesses even including retail stores have mobile apps to keep engaged their audience. Perhaps, you will be considering launching a mobile app. And want to get a better platform to access the billions of users as compared to Google Play Store. If you are looking at how to add an app to the Play store, this post is for you.

How to Upload the App to The Play Store?

Surely, you will be excited more to publish your app to reach out to the billion users on the play store. Be ready because it depends on a few adjustments and clicks, and your app will be ready to come on the play store.

  • Create A Developer Account:

A developer account is needed to upload your app to the play store. Besides, all the process is pretty simple and straightforward than it looks. You can create an account just in few simple steps.

  • Sign-in Google Account
  • Admit all developer agreement
  • Need to pay a registration fee of $25
  • Complete all activities related to account detail
  • Make A Google Wallet Merchant with The Link to The Developer Account:

A merchant account is needed to collect the payments that will get by the users whether through download the app or in-app buying. All the payments will be collected in the merchant account. And to create a merchant account is not a big deal because after following these simple steps you would be in the right place. You need to make a google wallet merchant before adding your app to the play store.

  • Sign in to your developer account
  • Visit menu and click Reports
  • Choose financial reports
  • Click “Set Up a Merchant Account Now”
  • Add your business details
  • Click submit button
  • Now, your merchant account will be connected with your developer account
  • Upload Android App On Google Play Store:

After the registration of the merchant account, you may upload the app to the play store. Often startups and businesspersons scare to upload any app on the google store. So, keep reading, you will get to know all the important factors of uploading an app. You will come to know that it is not a difficult task and you need to follow these steps.

  • From the section of the menu, choose “all applications”
  • Click “Add a New Application”
  • Select default language through the drop-down menu
  • Add little detail to your app and it should not exceed the character length of 30.
  • At this moment, you have two choices to go ahead with the uploading of an app on the play store. Whether you can upload prepare store listing or APK.
  • Upload The Package Kit of Android:

The package kit of android is basically a file format for required android that distributes, stores, and installs an app on the devices of android. Below here is the guideline to get it.

  • From the menu, choose “Release Management”
  • Choose app releases
  • Pick the kind of release for your first release through an internal test, open sets, close test, or production release.
  • Click to “Create Releases

Follow these simple guides to upload APK files;

If you want to test your android app through certain customers, it would better to choose a closed test, open test, or internal test. If you are willing to bring together the app to a huge audience, it would better to go with the production release. But, it is suggestive to complete the test app with the smaller users before going in front of the huge launch.

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  • Ready Store Listing:

At this moment, you are needed to fill in all information related to your app before uploading your app to the play store. You can complete this action in one go but another option is available to save a draft and complete it after completing all necessities.

Besides, it would better to get some better suggestions from the branding team or marketing team for this essential procedure. You need to make the right profile for your app as your business deserves. Here is what do you need to follow.

  • Add the title of the app not more than 50 characters, a short description with the 80
  • Add characters’ strength and a complete description of more than 4000 characters.
  • Add screenshots, icons, images, videos, and much more graphic content for your app.
  • Add translation also in other languages for your app. Either you can buy translation or you can add your own version of the translation.
  • Sort your app into a different category and relevant type.
  • Add contact detail so that customers can contact you in your app. It is compulsory to add an email address, but besides, you can add your website and contact number as well.
  • Add a link to the privacy policy if you want to approach sensitive data. And privacy policy should clearly show the use of data that has been collected from the customers.

Every information you will enter will make a persona of the app in the mind of the users. This thing will help them to decide better whether they should download your app or not. Therefore, you need better care here.

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  • Ad Rating Content:

There are more chances that your app will be removed automatically from the play store if it has not a good rate. Through the play console, choose an app and from the menu pick “Store Presence”. The rating will help to attract the relevant traffic to the app. But make sure you are providing the right information and accurate rating.

False rating will not only misguide your customers but perhaps, your app will be removed from the play store as well. With the working of digital gadgets, make sure you have worn safety goggles to avoid the hazardous effects of blue rays.