A step-by-step guide to decorating your Christmas Tree Like a Pro!

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Written By Berry Mathew

A Christmas Tree deserves to be decorated well. People always try to decorate their trees differently every year. They come up with new ideas, follow the ongoing trend, set themes, and whatnot. No matter what design and style you’re following, there is a set of steps that you can probably use to stay away from trouble and decorate the tree like a pro and we can’t wait to share them with you. Read the below-given points to know where and how to start while decorating a tree. Also, do check Christmas Elves – Frosted Christmas Tree in Australia for some amazing Christmas Trees.

  1. It is always said that “It’s all about the details” and we can’t emphasize more on agreeing to this. Before starting with the decoration there are a few things that need your primary attention. 
  • Keep a check that your tree is standing straight and nice. You may not want to decorate it all just to realize that it is leaning from the top.
  • Gather all the accessories beforehand.
  • In the case of lighting, it is recommended to first check whether or not and this goes with all other supplies similar to lightings. Experts suggest keeping the lighting on while putting them around the tree so that you can have a better idea of how it is going to look.

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  1. Instead of starting from a random point, we suggest you start from the top of the tree. Since the top of the tree contributes a lot to carry out the whole look of the tree, hence it is important to pay attention to it.  
  • Whatever you’re using on the top, angel, star, and so forth, try to tie them up with a wire to ensure proper grip. 
  • Pair your beautiful angel/star with attractive ribbons and/or picks in order to make it extraordinary.    
  •  In case you’re not placing anything on the tip-tip of the tree, start placing your first layer of the picks slightly down from the topper.
  1. Adding a garland around the tree may help to drape the edges of the branches and add the finest look to the tree. Pick a beautiful garland that compliments your tree and run them around the tree 2-3times at a particular angle. You may not want to mess with the angle of the garland here, because if you place it randomly then it might make your tree look unprofessional.
  2. Using 3-4 large items for decorating the tree won’t cause you any harm in fact it’d help carry out your tree’s best look. 
  • Mix them all up. Don’t worry if they don’t match with each other. These add ons are required to look extraordinary. 
  • Place the largest decoration at the bottom of the tree. 
  • Make sure that the wire you’re using to attach all the decorations to the tree doesn’t peek. To avoid this you may use a fancy wire. 

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  1. When you’re done with the basics, it’s time now to add the extras. Choose eye-catching extras that enhance your tree and hang them all properly.