Aamir Khan In Turkey: Faces Criticism for meeting Turkey’s First Lady Emine Erdogan

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Aamir Khan meets the First Lady Of Turkey Emine Erdogan, Politics or agenda

Aamir Khan recently visited Turkey for his movie shooting and also took off to meet the first lady. The wife of Turkey President is also known as The First Lady of Turkey “Emine Erdogan“.

After meeting, She tweeted with her account that “I had the great pleasure of meeting @aamir_khan, the world-renowned Indian actor….”.


On 15th August (Independence Day), Emine Erdogan tweet came, and with that, a video also came out and we get to know that Aamir Khan has a 40-day schedule in October where he is going to shoot his film “Lal Singh Chadda”.

Actually, Lal Singh Chadda is a movie and an adaptation or remake of the 1994 movie Forest Gump.

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After her entire tweet, a storm created on the Indian Twitter stream and social media platforms. Netizens also start trolling Aamir Khan for meeting Turkey’s first lady Emine Erdogan.

People started criticizing him and their criticism was justified as well. Turkey’s President Erdogan had raised his voice in the UN Assembly in September 2019 against the Kashmir of India and said “8 million people are stuck in Indian Kashmir”. They also criticize the scrapping of Article 370 from Kashmir.

Apart from this, on 2 August 2020, the President of Pakistan wrote on Twitter by putting a photo of the Turkish president that…


Obviously Pakistan was targeting both countries India and Isreal. Pakistan and Turkey are the 2 countries that have been always meaning always speaking trash openly everywhere against India.

Aaj Tak Journalist Rohit Sardana has also tweeted “Bharat Me Darte Hai Aur Turkey Se Pyaar Karte Hai”.

Because in Aamir Khan’s 2015 video where Aamir Khan was saying that “Meri Wife Kehti Hai Ki Bharat Me Intolerance Bahot Badh Gaya Aur Hame Dusre Country Me Move Out Kar Jana Chahiye“.

This is interesting here because Aamir Khan said on his Emine Erdogan visit:-

Aamir khan in turkey with the first lady statement

Aamir Khan also said that “a place is known by its people”. Means Aamir thinks that Turkey is not intolerant, it is a much more beautiful country but India is becoming intolerant.

Now the matter is about intolerance, let us tell you that there is a great Church inside turkey but Turkey converted to make it a mosque. It’s not the first one. This is a highly intolerant case, but Aamir Khan does not think of Intolerance.

Turkey’s Church converted into a mosque

I had no problem with if he goes to Turkey, Pakistan, or anywhere else to shoot a movie, but he also knew that meeting The First Lady of Turkey would become apolitical. Because Turkey openly speaks against India on everything and when such a famous Bollywood actor of India goes and praises their country and tries to defame our own country, it gives really a negative signal.

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Aamir Khan always speaks for intolerance and always speaks against the oppressive regimes.

Oh Really?

Turkey’s regime is highly oppressive. The President of Turkey is running a dictatorial, highly communal oppressive and supporting our enemies. And Aamir Khan going to Turkey to meet the President’s wife is not only shameful but also highly hypocritical.

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