Advantages of Using a Stylus with Your Tablet, Laptop or Phone 

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Written By Berry Mathew

Let’s start with what a stylus is. A stylus is a style of pen that works on screens and smart devices. When you touch a stylus onto a compatible screen, the sensors on the screen will detect it and react accordingly. 

You Can Create Digital Art 

Any artists among you are probably already aware of the fantastic creations you can make using a stylus. Even if you are not artistically inclined, drawing can be such a soothing way to wind down and relax. Both the Android and iOS app stores offer some amazing apps that allow you to draw away to your heart’s content, whilst mimicking chalk, pencils, watercolors, crayons, and so much more. You can even create your own brushes that produce the exact look and texture you want. Art without the mess.

It’ll Give You a Larger Range of Motion

If you’re working on a handheld device, such as a phone or tablet, it can be near impossible to navigate one-handed, due to screen size. A stylus simply extends your reach, so you can access the screen in its entirety.

You Can Keep Your Screen Clean 

Using a stylus helps to keep your screen free from germs. It’s safe to say that our hands go through a lot in the day, and when using a laptop, tablet, or phone, we are inadvertently transferring the grime of the day onto our tech. A stylus isn’t going to do that and won’t leave grease marks on your screen either. This is perhaps not the main reason for investing in a stylus, but certainly a bonus.

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You Can Take Notes 

It’s thought that people retain information better by taking handwritten notes. So, if you’re a student or often need to take notes at work, you may want to invest. Not only does working on a tablet or laptop look professional, but it’s also an easy way to keep all your notes organized and together, while being able to handwrite. This sounds like a win-win. No more missing pieces of paper that hold vital information. For avid note-takers, check out Right now, you can grab some incredible offers on the ThinkPads and stylus pens.

Edit Your Photos 

If you enjoy editing photos on your laptop, phone, or tablet, a stylus can be a great addition to your workflow. A stylus makes it easy to move small objects around and create detailed masks of specific areas.

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You Can Keep Your Hands Warm

When the cold winter months arrive and the snow starts falling, you’ll want to keep your hands warm. With a stylus pen, you no longer need to take your gloves off to unlock and use your phone with precision. It’s true that some shops offer smartphone and tablet-compatible gloves, but they’re often bulky and hard to use. 

No matter if you’re drawing, taking notes, or editing videos or photos, a stylus pen will guarantee you more accuracy and freedom to be creative.