What Is Automatic Programming? Meaning And Definition

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Have you ever heard the word automatic programming, and wondered exactly what does it means? This programming has been a goal of computer science and artificial intelligence for ages. There are several automatic programming myths and prospects you must be unaware of! There is no reason to panic. The meaning of this programming has evolved over time. In my article, I will share all the information related to this well-known term. Hare, I have put forward its types and examples for you. My guide will surely be helpful to gain more knowledge about automatic programming.

Automatic Programming Definition

Automatic programming is a programming software where the program code is automatically generated by another program based on certain specifications. This programming is also known as automatic computer programming.

Generally, this programming is a mixture of Artificial Intelligence and Compilers techniques. Let us see learn more about these terms.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Program writing is based on the knowledge of algorithms, data structures, and design patterns. AI is needed to represent, find, and discover design patterns.

  • Compilers

For the generation and manipulation of programs, you need to use compiler techniques. Here, the central representation of a program is the Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) as used by compilers.

It is accomplished by using programming tools such as template processors or an integrated development environment (IDE).

Automatic Programming Categories

Earlier, this programming was meant for automation of the manual process of paper-tape punching. Later, this programming software is used for the translation of high-level programming languages such as Fortran and ALGOL into low-level machine code.

Currently, Automatic coding software is further divided into the following two categories.

  • Generative programming

In this programming, standard libraries are used to improve the efficiency and speed of programming. The best part is the programmer does not need to re-implement it or even need to know how it works. For example, glut.h graphics library for C++ is used for easy implementation of OpenGL programs. 

  • Source Code Generation

Source code is generated based on a template which is made through an automatic programming tool or an IDE. The Google/MIT App Inventor is a good example of this programming. Here, users simply need to drag and drop functions in order to define how the app works without typing any code. A source code generator will then generate the code based on the components connected in the template.

Automatic Programming Interface (API)

An automatic programming interface is a set of rules that allows for an application to withdraw information from a piece of software. You can also use this information in your own application. If you are thinking of doing an online business, this programming interface is very useful for you in.

Automatic Programming Examples

Let us now see different examples of this programming.

  • Microsoft’s T4 (Text Template Transformation Toolkit) is one of the best examples of automatic programming tools. It consists of template code which we see at 
  • Automatic programming radio scanners like the Uniden Bearcat Scanner are most commonly purchased for business applications.
  • While Automatically Programmed Tool (APT) is one of the high-level computer programming languages. This programming is most commonly used for generating instructions for numerically controlled machine tools.
  • Bayou is the most impressive automatic programming coding software that is available today.
  • However, automatic programming python is one of the best programming languages which is relatively easy for coding.

Below I have listed down some more popular examples of this programming.

  • ASP.Net MVC gurus
  • ASP.net dynamic data
  • ADO.NET entity framework

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What Is Automatic Programming In AI?

Automatic programming in AI refers to the systems that serve humans in some aspect of programming.

What Is Automation In Coding?

Automation in coding refers to the process of generating tools that execute tasks without the help of human participation.

What Is An Automatic Computer?

The short form of automatic is auto, which is used to describe anything that happens without user interaction. For instance, if you have automatic updates permitted, your computer gets updated without asking for confirmation if it’s ok to update.

What Is Auto Code Generation?

Automatic code generation is the study of generative programs of the source code that is automatically generated. It helps in improving software quality and shortening the software development cycle.

Is Automation And Coding The Same?

Programming generally has to be done by a person. Automation is the use of machines, equipment, or systems to perform a task without direct human intervention. Programming and automation are similar, but they are not the same.

What Do You Mean By Automatic Programming?

Automatic programming is a type of computer programming where program code is automatically generated by another program based on certain specifications. Advertisements. A program that writes more code is written, which then goes on and creates more programs.

Who Invented Automatic Programming?

While working on the UNIVAC I and II, Hopper pioneered the idea of automatic programming and explored new ways to use the computer to code. In 1952 she developed the first compiler called A-0, which translated mathematical code into machine-readable code—an important step toward creating modern programming languages.

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In my above guide on automatic programming, I have covered all the important points you must know. Previously, this programming was all about automating the manual process of paper-tape punching. And today’s programming is like an automated approach to programming where certain high-level program converts into machine-executable code. AI techniques and Compilers help for the completion of this programming. Generative programming and source code generation are the two categories of these programmings. By understanding automatic programming, future programmers no longer have to write code. This task will be now fully automated!

What is the meaning of auto program

What is the meaning of automated program