AWS Cloud Architect Vs. Azure Cloud Architect

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In today’s world, it’s best to acquire the top cloud certification in the cloud employment market. In addition, the certificate shows that the employer has the potential and knowledge needed for a specific position. In India, cloud computing is becoming one of the largest sources of revenue. Studies have estimated that this development in cloud computing will increase over one million employment by 2022.

AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud – Check out the best cloud service provider for your business. – Check out the best cloud service provider for your business.

What is a cloud platform?

A Cloud platform is a set of services that other organizations utilize to enhance their services, applications, and sometimes hardware. These include database administration, cloud storage, IoT services, security, and more. Sometimes it is known as “Infrastructure-as-a-service.”

In many ways, and many others, AWS and Azure are incredibly similar. The comparison between these two platforms would be unjustified. You may wonder what certifications are to be obtained if you’re a practitioner who wishes to add a cloud experience to your CV or if you’re starting. The cloud is a vast area, and it might impact your future job chances to decide which disciplines, certifications, and platforms to pursue.

Top differences between AWS & Azure

There are many differences between AWS and Microsoft Azure. Both have their advantages and limits. AWS and Microsoft Azure are top players in cloud technology, as they both play exceptionally well in various ways.

  1. Certification:

The AWS Cloud Architect certification is one of the most popular cloud certifications. Cloud professionals are looking for cloud experts to design and build AWS infrastructure applications. One needs a minimum of two years of expertise in creating apps with AWS technology to receive the certification. The certification examines the ability of the candidate to offer architectural suggestions for AWS application deployment and provision.

As an AWS Solutions Architect Associate, an AWS certification can offer a professional path. The applicants go to the Developer Associate test after taking the AWS Solution architect examination.

The primary reason for AWS’s launch is that it is the last cloud leader with the most prominent company base. Most IT experts can get Solutions Architect certification and have extensive knowledge of EC2, S3, and VPC. While Solutions Architect is the most popular AWS credential, DevOps, Developer, and SysOps are also the other credentials. According to a survey, AWS certified professionals have an average salary of approximately $100 000, with a 5 percent increase each year.

The Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert is the most popular credential in tracking the career path in cloud computing. This popular certification will lead to cloud administrators, cloud architects, and ISAs in companies. However, you must finish the Microsoft Certified Solutions Architect Certification for IT professionals seeking entry-level employment in businesses before you initiate that advanced certification. This certification is a prerequisite for higher credentials.

However, you must complete the Microsoft Certified Solutions Architect certification for IT professionals looking to start up careers in firms before starting with this advanced certification.

It is a little bit difficult to select between these two robust platforms. Before making an informed choice, the consumer needs to be aware of these two options’ different tools and characteristics.

  1. Databases

AWS and Azure both possess enormous database capacity. The technology from SQL and NoSQL is diverse. But a significant element with this is that you may still install such software on your computer and avoid the controlled hosting while providing a native hosting where you don’t have to install and administer the software (such as MySQL or MongoDB). It’s usually cheaper, but it takes more time to do it yourself.

  1. Growth in the cloud market

Amazon Web Services is the mature cloud platform with substantial leadership and growth in the public cloud market. Microsoft Azure also increases and increases market share at the same time. According to a survey, AWS has a market share of 33 percent, and Azure has a market share of 16 percent.

  1. Outlook

Although AWS is recommended for IT professionals and applicants to increase cloud skills, Azure eventually gained momentum on AWS, the top market. Azure also focuses more on business, while AWS focuses more on customers. However, Azure’s beginning-level certifications are helpful when you want to enhance your fundamental knowledge of cloud concepts.

  1. Networking services

Cloud companies often provide multiple partners and networks that link via multiple products to data centers. AWS, therefore, employs a networked virtual private cloud and leverages the API interface connectivity gateway. For load balance during networking, AWS uses elastic load balancing.

Azure employs a virtual network to deliver content or networking and also uses a cross-location VPN gateway. It is managed with a load balancer and application gateway to balancing load during content delivery.

  1. Salary

North American professionals holding that credential have an average annual salary of 130,883$. The average income for the US AWS solutions architect is $161K a year, and the pay can reach up to $240K per year for AWS certified experts.

The average salary per year for a Microsoft Certified Azure Solution architect is about 122K$, although the pay can go to 174K$. As we already examined wages for AWS versus Azure certified professionals, we can observe that AWS certified professionals are more likely than Azure accredited professionals.

  1. Scope

Although AWS dominates the cloud business, the expansion of Azure has increased steadily. The prospects offered by AWS vs. Azure are therefore very different. In this criteria, organizational requirements will also play a significant influence.

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Final verdict

Several large cloud providers soon gained popularity with the emergence of cloud computing. Still, AWS and Microsoft Azure are now leading the sector. Both cloud hosting platforms contribute to the employment growth in the cloud computing sector, which causes problems for job-seekers.

It is the perfect moment to begin a career in cloud computing with recent developments. A recent Microsoft poll showed the most sought-after professions in cloud technology for architects and developers. The need for cloud certifications has increased dramatically due to cloud computing that drives job growth. In Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, new products, amalgamations, and price structures are constantly introduced. The final selection between the two most significant providers of cloud computing services depends on what you need.

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