Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile Could Soon Be Coming To Mobile!

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Call Of Duty Warzone mobile is finally coming to life which seems to be one of the best battle royale games. Call of duty lover already called this a long time ago and always said Warzone come into mobile. This came into eyes after the COD maker company Activision recently dropped requirements regarding a brand new job role that was posted in Call of duty mobile.

Activision’s website posted an executive producer role on WZM and it says as an executive producer features the product framing and player experience of a new AAA mobile fps in the call of duty franchise.

After posting information, netizens starting to predict that it’s obviously a new AAA mobile fps and the job title is for WZM, so clearly this is Call of duty warzone mobile. The company wanted to bring warzone to life on mobile.

Anyways though this job position was posted it also says developing in a collaboration with multiple Activision studio locations around the world. This leader is a skilled communicator and development leader who can define and harvest important elements.

Call of duty warzone mobile

Job posting sparks speculations about Warzone mobile

So this information gives spark on the social media that the company working on the game collaborating with probably Treyarch, Infinity Ward, Tencent, or Sledgehammer. Because Warzone is going to be a living and breathing game in the Call of duty franchise. So even though warzone got released with the modern warfare game it’s going to carry over in the new cold war game and then the next call of duty mobile after that it’s going to carry over into that as well.

This is going to be a liquid mobile title game most likely it’s going to be moving with the next franchise studio and then once the next game comes out, it’s gonna be moving to the next franchise studio. It seems to be like trying to get as many aspects of the next game into the mobile version as soon as possible.

Call of Duty Warzone mobile release date

For now, there is no confirm information about the Call of duty warzone mobile release date but we can expect its 2021. According to the job listing, the mobile version of Call Of Duty Warzone mobile will likely be a watered-down version of what’s currently available on Gaming Consoles such as Xbox series S and PCs.

❛❛A mobile version should nevertheless excite quality fans, Call of duty mobile actually already had its own battle rail mode offering some locations for Modern Warfare and Black Ops. Releasing the Call of duty Warzone mobile could allow players to carry over some of the progress they made in the current version including weapon and battle pass progression.❜❜

Whoever gets the job at Activation will be tasked with figuring out what warzone features. Reported to the mobile experience and also develop mobile-specific additions and changes. It also said Activision is currently planning to release Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, this fall which will expand war zone with new characters, weapons, possible locations.

If and when the mobile version of warzone does come out expect it to feature some content from this fall’s cold war release.

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile requirements

For the best experience, the requirements of Call of Duty Warzone mobile are the following:-

  • 3 GB RAM
  • Android 6.1 or above
  • 4 GB Free storage or above
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 800+
  • Qualcomm KYRO 300+ GPU

These requirements are not confirmed yet, it’s just speculation. We will update it from time to time whenever we get further update.

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Our Opinion

Activision has yet to publicly acknowledge a mobile version of the Warzone and there’s no telling when it may be released but a job listing is usually a pretty good indication something is in the works. However though kind of following up with this whole job application once, this went absolute viral then Activision deleted and they removed this job application.

So either they found somebody that applied very quickly which is pretty unreasonable or they knew that this thing was to get they got leaked out and they made a big oof.

This leak is not a new thing within the industry. If we see the gaming industry history then you will get to know that these companies purposely release small little things to get people excited and pumped up for the future of whatever game it is. And we think this is no coincidence that they posted this job purposely had the WZM because they could easily be taken that out that we need a new executive producer for a mobile a new mobile game.

So clearly they knew that everyone was going to see this as it’s a public and they knew a large number of people are going to see this so they know for a fact that the gaming community was going to take this and push out that it’s going to be a Call of duty Warzone mobile game. Activision loves this type of marketing.

Image source: Activision

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Things about Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile

Call Of Duty mobile’s battle royale is popular but it’s not as popular as it could be because there are lots of bots and that’s one of the biggest concerns that players cannot even stand playing it or can’t even stand watching it because there are lots of bots. It makes it boring for me to watch that or even play that we really hope that Call Of Duty Warzone mobile fixes everything.

Call of duty is a first-person game it’s not a third-person game the reason why they put the third person is to try to get people from PUBG mobile to come over to like COD mobile.

There are many updates coming, stay tuned with us to get all the big and latest updates regarding Gaming and Technology.