Do you apply moisturizer before primer?

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Are you confused with the order of products meant for skin care? Shuffling and searching for the right procedure, to make your makeup just wonderful? Then, hop in for this reading, for judicious use and application of cosmetics, like the primer and moisturizer; which form the base for awesome makeup performance. The primer for glowing skin and moisturizers for hydrating the skin cells, from the tear of dryness by cold and heat, are the best combos for the bedrock, anchor for subsequent makeup.

Here, the order to use cosmetics for the betterment of your makeup and skincare, have been jotted down, supported by logic. The facial skin is very sensitive. It is thus essential to keep it healthy from the attack of bacteria, inflicting it with pimples and acnes. The cleansing action forms the important chunk for the further procedure. That enhances the absorption of moisture and nutrients to protect the skin cells, that are aligned in a network of the epithelial layer.

The Perfect Skin Care Repertoire 

Let us take an instance where you apply the primer first, onto the cleansed facial skin surface. Now after doing so, use your palms, to spread the moisturizer over the face. So what do you get? Your facial skin gets susceptible to dryness and incomplete finishing. The further makeup procedure would crack up once you hit outdoors. So, the opposite would be the best routine to keep your skin features at their best, while sporting the makeup you got in collection.  Take a peek at what the moisturizers and facial primers do for you.

Hydrating and Nourishing Moisturizers

Once the facial skin is clean and exfoliated, it is ready to be prepped by the emollients in the moisturizers of your choice. For dry types of skin, the moisturizers could be applied more often. The normal skin may skip this process while, the oily skin must use less to minimal amounts of the moisturizer. In reality, the oil and sweat glands take care of the dryness the facial skin faces. Choosing wisely and applying the moisturizer in proper amounts is the right deal. ABIB Skincare has an amazing selection of products to choose from.

Swapping different kinds of moisturizer would be a bad idea. You can stick to a particular type of moisturizer. Once your stock is finished, go for another one of your choice, but keep in mind the type of skin you have. The moisture is locked in by the skin, hydrating and softening it and forming a barrier, a protective layer from external intruding microscopic molecules. They reduce the rate of water loss from the skin cells, to the external environment. 

They come in three forms- the gels, lotions and balms. The choice making between these forms is personal yet, go by their suitability to the skin type. A bit of time (a few minutes) after its application should be allowed before going to the next step. That would give ample time, for proper absorption of its emollients into the facial skin.

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Dry Canvas By The Facial Primers

The facial primers on application renders a dry layer of thin canvas, to harbour your makeup on. That way, over the protecting and hydrating moisturiser layer, the primer sets a thin dry shield, to even out your skin tone which usually varies from the cheek to the under eye region, the forehead and the chin etc. Fingers are used to spread out the primer of a small dime. Even in this little amount, it works up its magic. Primers for glowing skin textures are thus the norm to get the perfect makeup and even toned skin.

The primer also functions by absorbing the excess oil, water or the excess moisturizer resting on the facial skin. Antioxidants and vitamins are available in their intensely creamy nature, jam packed manner to be delivered by the rubbing action of your fingers. The eyelid and eyeshadow primers differ from the usual facial primers, through their specificity or specialization to modify and lighten up the discoloured regions of the face. They have a plus point for passing by as the base for the eyeliners, eyeshadows, glitter and mascaras.   

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It becomes crystal clear on when to use the moisturizer and facial primer, in order. The righteousness of product usage under your patient gaze would deliver even toned, healthy and appropriately nourished skin. They become twin layers of protection from the harmful rays of the sun, polluted air, dust particles and so on. The sweat and oil is regulated by them and is not reflected through making your makeup dripping dull. Kudos to the modern formula of facial care.