Doing PMP® certification online, is it worth it in 2021?

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Written By Berry Mathew

Trends are often evolving, and it is essential to maintain current best practices among project managers. 

There are endless online courses and certifications with excellent credibility out there, and among these are many PMP® certification online courses. So, let’s understand why PMP® is becoming the talk of the town? 

Why is PMP® certification so popular? 

  1. The higher pay for PMP® qualifications. PMI salary survey reveals that PMP® project managers report median wages that are above those without PMP® credentials. In the surveyed countries, an average increase of almost 20% is recorded. 
  2.  You would get an advantage for your seriousness regarding your profession, experience, expertise, and abilities, If the recruiter comes across your CV with PMP® certification. 
  3. PMP® is a world-renowned credential, which has intensified the need for accredited PMP® practitioners over the years. With demand for PMP® certification in various industries increasing, you must have the edge over other non-certified project managers and have a good opportunity. 
  4. You must undergo rigorous preparation to obtain PMP® certification. PMI lists several hours for training. 
  5. You are qualified to five most crucial project management processes – 
  • Prepare 
  • Initiate 
  • Execute  
  • Track and control 
  • close 

In other words, in your respective projects, you tend to understand the titbits of project management that you can implement and do your job better. 

  1. PMP® certification is a highly recognized certification, which provides affirmations for project management knowledge. It has credibility in over 80 countries around the world.  

Doing your PMP® certification online. 

 PMP certification online is pretty flexible with timings and exams and focuses on learning more than following a course plan. These courses will surely benefit you in balancing your time. It expands your skills, value and job opportunities. 

Doing your PMP® certification online enables you to have your knowledge bank on the go. Most of the online learning platforms today have several doubt-solving sessions and portals to engage in a conversation with other students to enhance your learning experience. 

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PMP® certification online will also give you enough time to juggle work and a course or college or course together. It can help you land remunerative roles in IT, finance, healthcare, and many other exciting industries. 

Certified PMP®s also report better project performance and sharp pay raises.  

 In a single PMP course, you will be taught by several professionals who can provide you with the knowledge based on their experiences, case studies, experiments, and results after spending time in the industry. 

There you go, find the course that is best for you. We sincerely believe that proper training will help you prepare for your PMP® exams. Go through different initiatives and invest time in building a brighter future.  The value of PMP® certification is immense, and in almost every big country in the world. 

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Many organizations train their employees for PMP® certification due to increased demand for proficient and skilled managers. Besides increased earnings, PMP® certification improves job security. Granted, this course is expensive, but you must look at it as an investment you’re making for your future cause the return on it will surely amaze you.  

So good luck and happy learning!