eResource Scheduler – A Complete Demo for the Top-rated Resource Management Tool

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Are you confused with how to keep track of your projects, your team’s progress, and multiple clients, and timelines? Do you wonder how you can monitor the performance of team members in a distributed or remote team? Imagine if you had a wonderful tool that could do resource management, scheduling, allocation, project, and timesheet management for you. By implementing the right resource allocation software, you manage the planning, resource scheduling, and allocation in an efficient manner. By implementing this best-in-class resource management software, you can easily manage different work timings and multiple calendars seamlessly. So, read on to see the features of this resource scheduling software that can transform your project management and resource allocation processes.

Top Features of eResource Scheduler that make it a Leading Resource Management Software

Let’s see what are the top 10 features of eResource Scheduler that can enable you to streamline your resource management, resource scheduling, allocation, and timesheet management processes.

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  • Highly Configurable Tool

eResource Scheduler is a top-rated resource management tool because it is highly configurable. You can easily configure its filters, fields, views, and forms as you want. This tool also enables the project managers to manage their available resources in the best possible manner. Be it any complex process like creating a project plan, scheduling tasks, resource allocation, utilization, timesheet management, or profitability analysis – you can do it in just a few steps. You can easily change the software’s custom-defined forms and fields as per requirements. In case you are a global organization that has distributed teams and you need to manage employees based on various geographies or multiple working calendars, then the tool can be easily configured according to your resources. 

  • Organization-wide Visibility

Imagine if you can easily find something about your resources or the status of the work allocated with the help of a resource scheduling tool. eResource Scheduler even helps you find the competencies and experience of a particular resource or check if their availability suits your project schedule. This resource management software offers you clear visibility throughout the organization. You can easily find out any information about any of the resources across teams or businesses. If you need to find out the specialization, experience, current projects, utilization, capacity, profiles, or anything else, simply log into this tool. The project managers can also get a holistic 360-degree view of all the resources and projects in the organization. 

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  • User Access as per Need-to-Know Basis and Role

While managing daily operations, there are many details such as information about your resources, revenue, project costs or budgets, or some reporting data that may be confidential. The management wouldn’t want all such information to be available to all team members. eResource Scheduler is an award-winning resource management tool, which offers user access rights according to roles and requirements of different users. The user rights enable the management to ensure that only some specific users can see, amend, edit, or review data as per the rights granted to them. Some people in the team may be just able to view certain data while others could edit or add comments to it. This user access can be determined at the resource or project level or even according to some grouping such as project manager, team, department, location, etc.

  • Customization

The right resource management software such as eResource Scheduler has customization options that enable the users to add their own categories or even design custom views. Such custom views ease the usage of the tool. For instance, just type in the name of the resource or job title in the tool and you can filter and find relevant data. But many software nowadays offer custom fields where you can mention a description for your resources that enables you to do the customizations. 

  • Drag and Drop Functionality and Insightful Dashboards 

eResource Scheduler is a tool that helps you create Gantt charts and billability charts just in a few clicks. This helps you to drill down into your projects, check all tasks and sub-tasks, and find resource availability, etc. The tool also comes with informative widgets that aid you in designing detailed and visual dashboards. You can easily configure these dashboard widgets into various units or date ranges. You can also design a project’s summary view or monitor the utilization or capacity of your team or one resource. 

  • Gantt Charts Enable Efficient Resource Scheduling

What if you could open a screen and view the availability of all the resources? Now, imagine if you could also see which projects or tasks they are assigned on. With eResource Scheduler’s Gantt chart view, you can easily look for the best resources for a specific task. You can check people’s availability on the Gantt chart view and then accordingly schedule them on your project. By using resource management software like this, you can get a visual overview of the entire data on one screen. Gantt charts display the data in such a way that it becomes very easy to comprehend. The project managers can also check their team’s tasks, status, and performance on a daily or a monthly basis.

  • Track how your Team Utilizes Their Time

A team is a mix of different types of people – different roles, experience, skillset, some could be highly driven, but some others could be slow learners or avoid responsibility. A project manager needs to create balance, stay focused on the timelines and end goal, and get all the tasks completed on time and within budget. For that, he needs to ensure that each resource is spending their time and effort efficiently. This is where resource management software with a timesheet management feature can come in handy. Such a tool provides a realistic view of how, where, and when each team member is using their time. It also raises a flag if a person’s utilization is too low, and he doesn’t have enough work. This kind of visibility enables to set a priority so that the project schedule can be met.

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) Powered Forecasts

When a project is kick-started, you draft a plan, estimate the total effort, and then schedule and allocate resources. In case this calculation is incorrect, then it can have a huge negative impact on the overall project plan, timeline, and even the cost. In practical scenarios, project managers generally cannot get precise estimates. Then, when they reach the development stage, they face a lot of challenges. A resource scheduling software that is designed with AI-based algorithms like eResource Scheduler turns out to be a boon here. As this resource scheduling tool is AI-enabled, it assures accurate estimations and forecasts for your projects. Thus, you can create perfect schedules, and do resource allocation and project management effectively.

  • Insightful Resource Availability Reports to Enable Resource Planning

To plan and schedule resources, you should first know the real-time availability and their capacity. You may have planned a team member on some project but he may be going on a planned leave during that time. Or maybe the plan changed and he is suddenly pulled in for another critical project. This resource scheduling tool provides real-time and detailed resource availability reports that display accurate availability data. Thus, you can easily make the right resourcing decisions because of such detailed and insightful reports.

  • Managing Event Scheduling and Shared Calendars

A Resource management software such as eResource Scheduler offers its users a shared calendar. You can use it to plan important events or meetings in a few easy steps. The team calendar sends notifications whenever any resource is on a day-off or not in the office. This helps the project managers to plan and schedule meetings that suit all key stakeholders. This shared calendar can also be used to book any other resources like some facility or a meeting room much in advance.

Web Demo for eResource Scheduler

eResource Scheduler offers an obligation free web demo where you can see and experience how our resource scheduling and management tool looks like. This web demo takes about an hour where you get to know the benefits and features of this top-rated tool in action. Web demo sessions are quite interactive and offer a comprehensive understanding of the software’s unique features and benefits. The demo also acts as an opportunity for you to ask questions, clarify your doubts, discuss your specific requirements, etc. Sounds interesting? Please share your official contact details in the form provided, so that one of our account managers can contact you to fix a suitable time as per your convenience. You don’t have to worry as your details are not disclosed to anyone without taking your prior consent. Here are the details of the two types of web demos available.

Web Demo – eResource Scheduler Cloud Version

If you sign up for the demo of eResource Scheduler’s Cloud version, then our experienced account manager will set up a time with you and take you through all the key features and reports that this leading resource scheduling tool offers. The demo will approximately take one hour.

Web Demo – eResource Scheduler On-Premise Version

If you sign up for the demo of eResource Scheduler’s On-Premise version, then our experienced account manager will set up a time with you and take you through all the key features and reports that the on-premise version of this top-rated resource scheduling tool offers. The demo will cover all the key features and reports and will take about an hour.

Technical Requirements for the Web Demo

  1. A computer/laptop with a high-speed internet connection
  2. Phone line or good-quality audio headset

So, are you all set to take this demo? Opt for the best-suited version and plan of this leading resource management tool for your organization and streamline your resource scheduling, allocation, and other processes.