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Everything About JioMeet, Indian Alternative of Zoom and Chinese Apps

by Ragini Salampure

The Reliance company backed by Mukesh Ambani, one of Asia’s richest man officially propelled JioMeet. JioMeet is an India video-conferencing application that looks uncannily like Zoom. It’s actually a great alternative to Zoom.

Jio Meet is a platform that has a lot of uniqueness, it really has a capacity to take a shot at any gadget, any working framework, and it has a capacity to do a total coordinated collaboration.”

JioMeet is accessible for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac clients. While their official website Jiomeet.jio.com despite everything says it’s ‘Coming Soon’. You can download the JioMeet application from the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store effortlessly to begin utilizing it.

The application has a whooping rating of 4.8 on the Google Play Store. It’s already been downloaded 1 Lakh times from the Google Play Store.

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JioMeet is a copy of Zoom

Well! The user interface of the Jio Meet application is a lot like Zoom, even the highlights are the equivalent. Just the application logo is finished with a little change.

According to us, Jio had the gut to release it at the ideal time when India is waking to the #BoycottChina protest. Soon after the Government of India banned 59 Chinese applications included TikTok.

The Jio team of platforms are very much aware that the user interface can be changed for the time being with only an application update.

It’s smarter to get others to talk, put an astounding proposal on the table, get a footing, and afterward improve.

From its substance, the replication of other app appears to be a savvy move. And now everybody’s discussing it now. Jio prevailing with regards to making publicity and creating hype within the market. Presently it is fascinating to see where this takes JioMeet.

jiomeet copied zoom

Jiomeet copied Zoom?

Best things about JioMeet

Let’s know something more about JioMeet that it’s really gonna be a good rival of outsiders apps (Zoom, Skype, etc) or not.

Anyway, to assist you with seeing how the application functions, we’ve arranged a list of things to think about the application.

1. Conference with a large number of Participants

JioMeet enables users to direct calls and it also supports video conferences with up to 100 members in just a call. It’s overly simple to either make another meeting or simply get a current one together with an invite code.

2. Simple to use UI

JioMeet has a simple to-utilize interface and we don’t think you will face any trouble exploring the application and using it. If you already different apps like Zoom and Google meet then you will also feel very much friendly to it.

There are various tabs at the base of the application for each setting and the application isn’t excessively jumbled with choices. You will effectively have the option to discover what you need.

jiomeet features

3. Safety features

Safe Driving Mode is a new feature which is additionally added on JioMeet. With that, you can likewise get other standard highlights like screen-sharing.

4. Supports multiple logins

JioMeet underpins multi-gadget support, which implies you can sign in on up to multiple different devices simultaneously and switch between them flawlessly. You can even switch between the gadget while being on a call.

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5. Free to access

For now, It is free to access for all.


Zoom is not a totally insecure app. But it has some vulnerability. It is sans simple, and fine for social and casual meet-ups. It is not for business use while talking about private video conferencing or chats.

JioMeet is a made in India app, so we also recommend you to use it.

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