Everything you need to know about getting rid of mice

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Written By Berry Mathew

Ever since the dawn of human civilization, and even before then, human beings have had to contend with very many beasts for survival. As a species, we built walls to protect ourselves as a society. We built houses for added safety and comfort. Technology has grown so rapidly that we hardly have to lift a finger for our daily living.

Yet, some threats persist. Our homes are always under siege. Rodents, pests, and other infestations may make our homes a living hell, and one of the worst things that you can have in your house is a rat problem.

The aim of this article is to arm you with the knowledge you need to hold off and repel such invasions. Rats, in particular, make for formidable foes, and to fight them right, we’ve put together the best list of things you can do. So, without further ado, here they are:

Fortify Your House

Of course, the days of building castles and keeps are long gone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t eliminate structural weaknesses in your house. To prevent a mouse infestation, you need to make sure they cannot enter in the first place.

A mouse can enter your house through the smallest of cracks. Find and plug them. Regular maintenance of your house is necessary, but you should pay extra attention to your doors, walls, and windows. Employ wire meshes where you do find gaps to keep the furry fiends out.

In case you have walls or ceilings made of wood, you can use metal sheets to plug any holes you encounter. 

Get a Cat

Prevention is always better than cure, and there are no better cures to a rat infestation than a cat. Yes, cats and rats go hand in hand, and the threat of a predator will deter even the most daring rodent away. Chasing mice is also a great exercise for any cat.

The trick is to adopt a cat with a temperament for such things. Most domestic cats will ignore mice since they don’t have to hunt for anything. Get a cat that hasn’t lost its edge. A cat’s predatory instincts never go away, but they do go dull. Your best bet is to find a cat that hasn’t forgotten its wild ways.

Only pursue this course of action if you are not allergic to fur or cats, however.

Use Mouse Traps

A classic, timeless solution. A hunter is nothing without some traps, and mouse traps stand the best chance of managing a small to medium infestation. The thing you need to remember with mouse traps is to try more than one kind. The wooden snap traps, the kinds that shock, glue traps, and bait traps should all be used in conjunction for the best results.

What’s more, you should always use more than one trap. In fact, there is no such thing as too many traps. People often think that a single trap is enough for a mouse, but it isn’t. You will maximize results by increasing the number of traps and placing them intelligently.

Another important thing is to pick the right kind of bait. Mice are intelligent, and if you want to attract them to a trap, you have to use things they are already eating. Keep a lookout for what they’re preying on in the household and use that as bait – or pick from chocolates, peanut butter, bacon, and other mouse favorites.

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Practice Good Sanitation

An excellent preventive measure for mouse infestations is the practicing of healthy sanitation practices. Those crumbs you don’t think will factor into anything important are all mice need to survive since their bodies need about three to four grams of food a day. 

Make a habit of vacuuming your floors every day. Wipe down counters and surfaces and store leftovers in jars or airtight containers. Throw your garbage out regularly as well. Mice can chew through plastic quite easily, and the longer you keep your trash around, the more incentive they have to hang around. Not something you want.

Call an Exterminator

When faced with the wild ravages of rodents, it is best to know when to call in the big guns. By yourself, you can only do so much. Pros who deal with this on a daily basis will be able to clear out your home and install preventive measures in a much more efficient and permanent manner.

Make sure the exterminator you select is licensed and is a member of a state or national association. This makes sure that they know the latest tips and tricks of the trade. 

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A mouse infestation is nothing to scoff at. Mice and rats are the breeding ground for diseases that you do not want. Having them in your house requires immediate action for your safety and for those that you live with.