Everything You Want to Know About Granite for Your Home Décor

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Granite is a long flat-topped fitment that has had the best support in the world of office and home furniture. Almost it is one of second nature for all business and homeowners to become the part of granite-like furniture where countertop requires. Perhaps, you have observed this beautiful piece of an element all-time in hospitals, kitchens, and offices, etc. Make sure you have all the know-how safety eyewear program before working with this material.

While working with granite, a lot of tiny particles can fly in the air and can hit eyes at any time. so you need to better care of your eyes before stepping in. But ever you think why do you need granite or make them part of your home or offices. Hole on, true, it is extremely popular stuff but very few people would know it’s important. So, before to deep dive into its significant advantages, you need to know, this stuff has disadvantages as well.

You might surprise to read about this hardest stuff in the world. For many years, it has been used in many buildings where countertops need. Right now, granite is used in most indoor and outdoor projects. Most of the outdoor projects include bridges, paving, and monuments. On the other hand, for indoor projects, it includes countertops and floor as well. Let’s deep dive into its amazing advantage that may shock you.

Best Pros of Granites:

There is a great connection between the high usage of granite in the overall world due to its various advantages.

  • Individuality:

Did you ever notice that every granite piece is completely different from others? You might purchase a couple of slabs with the same texture and colors, sure. But they have unique veins that run across this beautiful stone are different from each other. You can spend your lot of time and sit down for work and follow all the unique patterns. But you would observe that it might white or any other modified, every piece will be different from the other one.

  • Durability:

 Surprisingly, it could be the first thing that you can think about its durability. I think I am right? But do you it’s marvelous facts that it is completely scratch resistant. Well, granite is indeed easily breakable but it is a pretty anti-scratch surface. And this quality makes it more durable because in the hardness scale it takes point 7 while diamond has 10. So, convincingly, nothing is going to scratch the countertops of your home or office as well.

  • Heat resistance and a stain:

Stainless and heat resistance surfaces are the great reasons to use this element used in the kitchen across the world. Granite works well than other materials in the world when you have most concerned with the heat. You might spend your entire life with the surface of the granite and you will observe no difference after passing long years. First of all, no stain can stay at all, but it occurs, they are easily removable effortlessly.

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Few cons of granite:

Among a lot of advantages, this unique and beautiful material has some bad points as well. Are they really bad? First, read them and then decide what to do.

  • Cracks in granite:

To be honest, granite can find some cracks easily under some pressure both literally and figuratively. Although it is easy to fix but getting some cracks on the surface of granite is extremely hassle. And this is not something like that as you thinking when you purchase this material. This material gets cracks when they find heavy pressure due to heavy objects falling over them. Or cracks can occur when also collides due to odd angles. So, the repair process is different either it can be easy or hard.

  • Granite can be spongy:

Although with anything, good maintenance is the key factor for its long life. With granite, the same rule also applies. But you should recommend some point before its purchasing and confirm its surface like its proper sealing. If the surface is properly sealed, it will not create any considerable issues for a long time. Besides, in the quality of material, quality and cost also matter and you must keep in mind these points.  

  • Not fairly unified:

Although, granite obtains through the earth and during a custom fit, it can be tricky to deal with it sometimes. Generally, for office countertops use, only one slab is enough. It means it will not give an amazing look if you might find some joints in the mix. And of course, you would like it due to its unified surface.

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How to Check the Quality of Granite?

An igneous rock with the help of grains makes granite slabs. So, it is made through the slow crystallization of magma under the surface of the earth. And granite slabs are made of feldspar and quartz with a small number of amphiboles, mica, and many other materials. 

Generally, you can get in the chunk but is delivered on the site in the form of slab or tiles. Although granite has great use in flooring, stairs, facing, tabletops, wall dados, flooring, kitchen platforms, skirting, and window or door sill-jumps. 

Usually, granite comes in different looks from place to place and it can be different even at the sample place as well. So, below here are few best ways to check the quality of the granite so that you can grab the piece of granite for your home or office.

  • The shape of the granite should be rectangular, square, or as per demand. The dimension should not more than 1mm in length and breadth.
  • Uniform in colors, thickness, and have homogenous crystalline texture.
  • Granite should have dense, sound, and hard. Its hardness can be checked by pressing this tone with the help of a heavy object.
  • There should be no ringing sound while struck and there should be no watermark on the slab’s back.
  • The diagonal of granite stone should have the same length in measurement and perfect. Make sure, you have best knowledge about eyes safety through corporate safety program while working with granite.
  • The top layer should be straight and uniform, besides, it should be free from holes, edges, and cavities.
  • Check color by rubbing with the tip of cloth after dipped in the petrol or kerosene.
  • For absorbency, you can check granite by dropping a few drops of lemon juice on the top layer of granite.