Fleet Management Tips: How to Choose a Camera for a Semi Truck

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Written By Berry Mathew

When choosing a camera for a semi truck, there is a lot to consider so that you can get the best. Most fleet companies use dash cams for their semi-trucks to have more control over the vehicles especially regarding safety, surveillance, and cost management.

The technology in these devices has continuously improved to deliver a state-of-the-art camera for a semi truck with clear footage, real-time surveillance, and more. If you are new to using a camera for a semi truck or would like to improve an old system, here is what to look for when you search the market.

Basic Features in a Camera for a Semi Truck

When choosing a camera for a semi truck, looking at the basic features matters a lot. It seems obvious that a dash cam has a lens, right? But digging deep to learn the footage width that the lens can capture is crucial. The best camera for a semi truck should have a wide-angle lens to capture as much detail on the road as possible.

According to experienced fleet managers, it is also good to consider a driver view, which captures the semi-truck cabin. So, it means that your camera should have a dual view. This will help you to monitor the behavior of the driver or assist in the case of a break-in.

Another basic is how the camera is built. Minimalistic devices are now understood to be the best because they reduce driver distraction. Choose a small-size camera that will perfectly sit on the dashboard without attracting too much attention.

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Integrated Technology

Let’s start with how the camera for a semi truck records. A full HD or 4K recording is the ideal choice to make sure that you do not miss details. If you are worried about the storage space or smoothness and speed in transmitting the footage over the web, then an FHD (1080P) will be the best balance. Also, ensure that it has a night vision mode especially if your semi-trucks operate at night.

Another interesting technology to consider is GPS tracking capability. This integration with the camera saves money because you can track where different vehicles are at the same time. And you will not have to install a separate GPS tracker either.

Integration with the internet is a feature that allows fleet managers to monitor events in real time. So, make sure that this feature comes with the camera for a semi truck that you select. Other technology features to choose from include event-triggered recording, autofocus, facial recognition, and more.

Go Shopping for a Camera for a Semi Truck

When you visit a website link of a popular fleet solution company, you will see a list of many dash cams suited for a semi-truck. From here, you can compare the prices to choose your most preferred camera for a semi truck. What you should know is that cheap cameras may compromise on some features, so be careful about what you choose.

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Final Words

Now that you have the tips to guide you on buying a camera for a semi truck, it is time to upgrade the old ones in your vehicles. These insights will help both those who are new to the field and experienced fleet experts to make the right decisions that will take their fleet companies to the next level.