Gift Ideas To Surprise Your Brother This Holi

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Written By Berry Mathew

The playful and joyful festival of Holi is sneaking from the corner and waiting for all of us to get ready for the day full of colorful happiness. 

We thought of bringing some ideas for all those who are planning to surprise their brother on the occasion of Holi. Read what we have gathered below and decide what you will pick for his smile and to fill colours of delight in his life.

Holi T-Shirt

Playing Holi in old clothes is just so old-skool. It’s the time of social media, and the pictures should always be worthy of uploading on all the social media profiles. And it is so sorted that one can’t get good pictures clicked on Holi while wearing old clothes. But you can make your brother smile by gifting him a special Holi T-shirt. The Holi T-shirt comes with many different types of prints but all playfully defining the occasion. You can also gift personalised Holi t-shirt to your brother. Let him enjoy the festival of colours and the counting likes on social media posts. 

Organic Gulaal

Holi is not Holi if there are no Gulaals!!!! (and the four exclamation marks define the intensity of what is written here). We all keep packets of Gulaals in our pockets while strolling around the native place so that we can colour the people and wish them a very happy Holi. But, many bad business houses just want to make money and don’t care about people. Every year crores of people buy Gulaal that contains chemicals which are not good for the skin. So this year, you can make your brother happy with a gift of care. Get him a hamper of organic Gulaal made from natural ingredients. 

Take Him To Vrindavan

We don’t think that people don’t get why a trip to Vrindavan is a perfect gift idea for the Holi celebration. The divine land of Lord Krishna is famous for the flower Holi festivals around the world. Seeking the blessing of God and celebrating a divine occasion on a divine land is such a lifetime memory. Make plans for at least three days and enjoy as much as you can with your brother. Apart from all the divinity, you two will be playing Holi with no fear of getting a skin infection. Keep the plan surprise until you wake him up and ask him to get ready for the trip. 

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Sweet Wishes With A Cake

If your brother resides far away from home due to any reason, you surely miss enjoying Holi and other festivals with him. But the love of relations doesn’t know any boundaries or distance, and hence your hearty wishes for him should reach him in a sweet way. Decide to send a special Holi cake to him, baked with the finest ingredients and stuffed with your love and care. Make sure the cake defines the occasion of Holi from the design and outlook. Book an online cake delivery in Warangal or wherever your brother lives from a renowned online cake shop. 

Box Of Different Type Of Gujiyas

Most people believe that apart from Gulaal, Gujiya is the thing that is essential for the playful festival. And it is our Indian tradition to celebrate our cultural festivals with sweets and sweet dishes. The demand for Gujiya increases every year on Holi, and many renowned sweet shops make different types of Gujiyas for the occasion. So deciding on making him smile with a box full of different types of delicious Gujiyas is surely a sweet gesture. You can also add other different sweets with Gujiyas if you want because it’s Holi and the fun shouldn’t be limited. 

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Skin Protect Kit

We know you care for your brother a lot, and you want to get him hurt anyhow. But as you know that people do use harmful products such as grease, paste colours, and sprays on Holi, there is always a chance that your brother can catch a skin infection. But you can protect him with your thoughtful gifting gesture. Order a skin protect kit for him from the renowned brand, which is made specially to be used before and after playing Holi. Ask him to use the kit properly and keep him safe with your love.