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Written By Berry Mathew

Most women dream of having the perfect attire and adorning them with the perfect jewellery while getting dressed for events. Since time immemorial, women have always been seen with jewels, especially during occasions. Different occasions call for different looks. Women often glam up based on the kind of event there is. A big fat Indian wedding, in itself, includes several different functions, each with a different purpose and therefore, different clothing. Similarly, business lunches, birthdays, parties, or even casual family dinners, each of these require dresses that match the event in question. One thing, however, remains common, jewellery from GS Diamonds jewellery store in Brisbane.

Women have an innate desire to explore latest jewellery to find the best set that matches the style of the event and that adds a sense of oomph to their outfits. The addition of jewels can be as simple as wearing a ring or two or can be as decked up as wearing a choker neckpiece along with several heavy bangles, headgear (maangtika), earrings, etc. All of this depends on the individual style of the person as well as the event in question. One of the most sought-after forms of jewellery is rings. Explore and get here an assorted collection of trendy rings to choose from to fit different occasions. Be it a large diamond ring for a cocktail party, a silver ring with diamonds of different cuts for a perfectly planned proposal, gold band with embellished diamonds for engagements, a diamond ring can find its use on any occasion.

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Assorted jewellery“There is nothing such as too much jewellery”. Women highly believe in this statement. A woman can never go out of ideas when it comes to choosing items of glamour to adorn while dressing up. Pendants, waist chains, rings, bracelets, are just a few of the ornaments that are in a woman’s ‘must have’ list. Items of jewellery also make great gifts. During weddings or other important events, precious ornaments can usually be gifted. Pieces of jewellery, especially gifted ones, are held very dear in the eyes of women. Gifts from a special person are often worn throughout.

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Collection of diamond rings – “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” – this statement is highly used for a purpose. Diamonds not only possess materialistic value but also sentimental value. They are trendy, always in style, and can be paired with most outfits to give an elegant and sophisticated look. Rings with silver or gold bands, single or several diamonds, modest or ostentatious designs, are all available to select from. The invaluable essence of a diamond also reflects in the woman who wears it. Putting on a diamond ring symbolically increases the confidence and flair within a woman.

Having a collection of choicest jewellery can never go wrong. It gives an option to pick and choose, mix-n-match depending on the occasions one has to attend. Additionally, jewels can also be good, reliable forms of investment. They fulfil multiple purposes and can not only assist women in meeting their ‘must have’ desires but are often the most popular items that contribute to the glamour and style in their lives.