Here’s how Changa has become a new TikTok for video creators

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Written By Berry Mathew

After the infamous ban on TikTok, several Indian apps came to light, including Chingari, Mitron TV, MX Takaktak, Trell, Moj, and others. However, the Changa app has become one of the most influential platforms among them all. Essentially, this app became a new hot spot for all ex-tiktokers after TikTok was discontinued. Changa provides authentic and entertaining videos that you can view and post on social media. Navigate through a variety of videos including Dialogue Dubbing, Comedy, Gaming, DIY, Food, Sports, Memes, and many more. 

The application stands apart from the rest of its competitors due to its in-built camera app with live effects and advanced video edit tools. Apart from the TikTok linking feature where you can import your TikTok data to the app, Changa has smoothly offered a feature to share your videos online on WhatsApp status, Instagram, etc. Changa is created by Gurgaon-based company BITCS, and it is their first published app. Mr. Shubham Agarwal is the creator of the Changa app and is currently a founding member of many funded startups. Previously, he worked for Microsoft, Amazon, and two other startups.

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With an integrated camera and boosted videos, users can also have access to double exposures using layers and adjustable transparency, one-tap filters with customizable intensity, and delicate color preset that adds a classy film look to the shots. You can also view an infinite number of videos, humorous viral videos, create awesome dance videos, collaborate with your friends, build a following, and become an online phenomenon. Using this app to showcase your creativity will help you gain followers and enable you to make new friends. You can also partner with others to make videos with a broad audience and earn some money.

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Among its peers, the app has the highest user retention. It has a fair number of downloads and is continuing to prove to be a viable alternative to TikTok. It received over 100k downloads on the Google Play store within 1–2 weeks of its release and has a rating of 4.1 from 500+ users. After recently releasing some of the most beautiful AR (Augmented Reality) filters, face masks, and video editing features, the app has been trending #1 on Google Playstore. 

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Changa has roughly ten times the amount of AR filters that Chingari and its other TikTok alternatives do. Similarly, the app’s video editing capabilities set it apart from the competition. Evidently, the video editor can effortlessly merge several videos and edit them all at once, making Changa a provider of the best video editing experience you can ever have. Changa, as the fastest-rising app in the industry, appears promising, as shown by the Playstore ratings. Given that it has already introduced 95% of what TikTok was delivering, as well as the numerous filters that it has to deliver with the super-rich video editor, it can quickly exceed all of its competitors’ records.