» how an m4a to mp3 converter works.

how an m4a to mp3 converter works.

by Paresh Bramhane
how an m4a to mp3 converter works.

What is m4a to mp3 converter?

Have you ever heard of an m4a file or an mp3 file? Have you also heard of the m4a to mp3 converter? Well if you have not this article would put you through. You would learn about what an m4a file is and what it does, also the mp3 file and its function. You would also learn of the m4a to mp3 converter.

Let’s go!

What is an m4a file?

M4a files are also known as MPEG-4 audio files. It is a file that is converted into a coded form with an AAC which is known as advanced audio coding. It is applied with AAC or ALAC ( Apple lossless audio codec) compression standard. What this means is that m4a files can be decoded or can go back to their original state at their point of compression.

M4a was designed by Apple and it only contains audio data instead of audio, visual, and image data like the mp4. M4a aims to take over the mp3, its goal is to become the go-to file for audio compression. However, for now, m4a has not reached the level of success mp3 has reached and it is only limited to Apple products such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. 

M4a is very similar to mp3 but the only difference is that it has been developed to have better sound quality in the same file size of an mp3 or even lesser. The m4a file is saved in the MPEG-4 format as an audio file. Audio files such as podcasts, audiobooks, and songs.

The extension of the m4a file indicates to your device what app can be opened with this file extension. This means that an m4a file opener might not be able to open all types of m4a files. 

What is an mp3 file?

The mp3 file was created by MPEG which is known as the moving picture expert group. It is a well-known audio format. Mp3 files are audio files and they make use of a compression algorithm to lower the size of an audio file. Mp3 has become so successful that it can now be played anywhere and with anything either hardware or software. 

While the m4a is lossless, the mp3 is lossy. This means that compression is irreversible and is permanent. During compression, the original data of a file is lost and cannot be gotten back due to its lossy nature. 

Compression is done to all types of files whether it is in audio, video, or picture form. The reason why compression is carried out is to reduce the size of the file so it would not take a lot of space. So, when compression is carried out on a lossless file like an m4a for example, it still retains more data and the quality of that file would still be reasonably high while for an mp3 file, it would be compressed and so much data would be lost during the process of compression such as quality, sound, etc.

Difference between m4a and mp3 files.

In terms of quality, m4a files have the best sound quality especially those files in ALAC codec even files with AAC codec have a better quality than mp3 audio files. This does not mean that the sound quality of mp3 files is bad. They are very good but when compared to m4a files, m4a files have a wider range of sound quality. 

In terms of bit rate, it mostly depends on the file size and the quality of the sound. The higher the file size and quality, the higher the bit rate. 

In terms of compatibility, mp3 files take the lead. When we say compatibility, something can blend well with another thing. As mentioned earlier, m4a files are limited and they are not supported in other devices and it also does not support sharing on other devices. Mp3 files are however very compatible. If you are looking for a file that is supported on other devices and can be shared on other devices, then mp3 files are just for you. Mp3 files however are still the most popular audio format due to their better compatibility rate. 

So, it would be unreasonable to say that m4a files are better than mp3 files or vice versa. It is advised that you choose whichever audio format that would suit your needs. 

Now we have discussed what these two different files are and their functions, the next question is why do people convert files from m4a to mp3.

Just as it was stated earlier, mp3 are still very popular and people most times prefer using mp3 files because of their compatibility rate. Mp3 can be played on any device and for users who might not have access to Apple products they would opt for mp3 files. While it is true that m4a files have a better sound quality, not all people have an ear to recognize the difference between an mp3 sound and an m4a sound.

In terms of cost, mp3 files are also cheaper. With mp3 files, artists can share their music without spending much money. Also, in terms of cost, mp3 files are cheaper. With mp3 files, artists can share their music without spending much money. Artists do not need to spend money on physical mediums such as CDs to get their music across; they can now use mp3 files in the form of audiobooks, podcasts, etc. 

Mp3 formats come in a free format and you do not need to pay any licensing fee to listen to mp3 files. You get to save money that could be used to purchase an audio format.

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This article has discussed in detail what these individual file types are. You get to know the various characteristics these files have and see which file suits you better. If you have devices for m4a files then you can go ahead and opt for it. However, bear in mind that mp3 is equally wonderful. Also, you’ve seen why some might choose to convert their m4a files to mp3 files.

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