How can I use it: the essence of email spam check services’ work

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An email spam checker can be called one of the most necessary tools for anyone aiming at becoming a b2b professional. Some people sometimes get confused by the word “spam” and start taking spam testers for something they aren’t. Those thinking that spam check services find and delete trash letters are wrong. A spam test isn’t an email terminator, it doesn’t automatically destroy unwanted letters or something. So, what do users and b2b salesmen need it for?

-carrying out a spam check. It means that a spam checker will assess a company’s email deliverability situation and notify salesmen if their letters are perceived as suspicious ones;

-carrying out the analysis of every aspect related to deliverability and show if any problem exists;

What are the mechanisms of spam check services’ work

If your e-letters are considered spam, check out a th-providing you with recommendations on how to fix existing problems;

-dealing with any diverability related problem in the easiest way. It’s possible thanks to all the information ending up in one app and dealing with any spam checker’s user friendly interface.

Keeping deliverability high with a spam check app is of importance

Let’s repeat it: email spam check services are used to find out a user’s deliverability level. It means that such a service shows users if their letters are delivered to customers without problem or not. Spam testing software doesn’t automatically improve deliverability, it can only advise you on what actions to take to fix problems and thus return strain customers to the sales funnel. Such soft usually has pre-determined behavior patterns and filters that save users from long digging into the program’s settings.

 A thing to note is that it’s highly recommended to have at least some experience in b2b to use email checker soft. The basis for this recommendation is that you are supposed to know those notions email spam testers stand on. For instance, the results of a checker’s analysis include such thing as “domain health” but a user isn’t familiar with it. As a result, he has to spend some more time to study it and get the message of what the program meant in its report.

A reliable email checker is all it takes to know one’s deliverability rate

Unlike ordinary users, b2b salesmen often happen to be in need of several inboxes instead of just one. As a result, it eventually gets harder and harder to pay attention to each of them in a manual way. That’s when spam test software comes to any b2b involved person’s rescue. A reliable and quality spam test application is sure to offer its users a lot of tools: real-time switching between editing and scanning, monitoring multiple mail-boxes etc. And software from Folderly does all that and much more.

Folderly is one of the most trustworthy providers of b2b lead generation services belonging to such a well-known and respected b2b lead generation company as Belkins. Folderly’s fantastic spam check service gives a salesman an opportunity to analyze all of his mail boxes at once. With Folderly’s software it’s easy and convenient to spam test correspondence and eliminate issues quickly enough to lose no business leads.

What can Folderly’s email checker do to help deliverability

It was already mentioned above that it’s best users have some experience and knowledge of b2b before using spam checkers. Nevertheless, spam check service providers do their best to let even beginner b2b businessmen use their software most conveniently. Folderly’s spam testing application is ready to guide you through all the intricacies of deliverability improvement. It is achieved thanks to hints and recommendations the software gives you all the way through analyzing process.

Besides an ability to be a user’s advisor, Folderly’s spam checker is capable of much more. To assess  IPs, carry out open rate or CTR tracking is what this software will do without breaking a sweat. Thus, any salesman is given a reliable tool for learning information vital for tuning his cold campaigns subtly for maximum efficiency. Learn about activities harmful to your domain, IP and deliverability reputation; find out how frequently prospects and clients open e-letters from you or whether they delete them without opening.

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Going actionable to let your deliverability rock: how the Folderly email checker’s tips can help you

Tips provided to users during and after the process of email spam analyzing can come in really handy. The most effective they are in case of being on the actionable basis. That’s the way Folderly accompanies you on your journey on your journey to perfect deliverability. Unlike many other email spam check programs, this one provides your with info on various deliverability related aspects. Whatever you may not know is briefly explained all the way through the process of a user’s work with Folderly’s spam check service.

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Let’s give a short conclusion to the present guide on how to use spam checking for the sake of maximum effectiveness from your cold campaigns.  The best spam checker is that which not only tells users what issues are but also tries to do its best to guide them through the fixing process. Folderly is eager to be as friendly as possible to beginner b2b salesmen as well as experienced ones.