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Apart from spending time at home, the next place we find ourselves mostly stuck in is our offices. Well, it may be hurtful for many employees if I say that the office is our second home. And the nosy, irritating and speculative boss is just a far-sighted representation of our mothers.

But isn’t it? It’s like getting back to school all over again. With friends all around, maintaining a desk decor before an exam or a presentation, having to be punctual and well-dressed, and also keep our manners in check. The only difference is that school gave us memories worth a lifetime and office made us slaves and greedy for money. The school was all about innocence and the office is all about getting hurt because of our innocence.

Well, to choose between office or school, as to which is better, is rather subjective. Though in my opinion, most people will choose the school to be the best time of their life, some people do not think the same. These people might have experienced a rather hurtful school journey leaving dark imprints on their mental health and might mind offices much more elevating.

Since we are talking about school, do you remember the constant fights for tables and chairs? And often did you change your crooked, rocking tables and chairs in case you came in early. Well, most of us did, didn’t we? We can all agree on how discomforting a rocking chair or a crooked table can be.

The same is in the office. We tend to switch chairs without broken wheels with the better ones and have a nice time sitting around. Though it was fun in school, it becomes vital in the office. We spend twice the time in the office than we did in school with a lot more pressure and work, having to sit around almost all the time.

Nowadays, we have modern furniture coming in which makes it so much more comfortable and convenient to work, for example- an adjustable standing desk.


As the name suggests, adjustable standing desks are desks that can be worked upon while sitting as well as standing. Similar to the height adjustability feature we have in our chairs, the tables too work in the same way.

There is a dedicated pulley or instrument that leads to the shortening or increasing the height of the desk according to our convenience. It allows the workers or employees to work while sitting as well as standing.


The normal standing desks are rigid and fixed pieces of furniture that serve the sole purpose of being a standing table. Since the height of the table is predetermined, we have to adjust according to the table. 

  • Oftentimes, the employers are seen working on these desks standing thoroughly and spraining their legs. 
  • Normal standing tables are better off when used as desk decor substitutes instead of being used as working tables.
  • One alternative to standing is getting office bar stools. Though the stools open up an option to sit, it is not comfortable either. 
  • The seats are hard and the back has a short height, leading to slouching and pain in the back. Also, the hard seats make it impossible to sit for long hours. 
  • Also, the elevated footrest does not allow the spreading of feet and legs, which causes more restrictions than flexibility.

On the contrary, the adjustable standing desks help in promoting work by choice. One can choose to stand or sit and not mold itself according to the table.

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After going through several demerits that the normal standing tables have to offer, let us look into some of the merits of adjustable standing desks, which are:

  • The adjustable height of the table helps in choosing comfortable chairs like ergonomic or big and tall chairs. This helps in providing better posture and comfort to the body.
  • The visible option of being able to sit or stand liberates the employee from having to be stuck in a single position.
  • Being able to stand up at intervals helps in putting some stress on the legs and induces blood circulation.
  • Since the height is adjustable, the feet are allowed to rest on the floor properly and do not make the employee crouch back uncomfortably.
  • Adjustable standing desks open up and the option of choosing recliner desk chairs for the extra little comfort that helps in stretching too!
  • With adjustable options, we do not have to worry about the desk decor. We can keep the desk decor to a minimum to avoid things from falling. This helps in saving our extra efforts too. 

These merits will surely help you in making the right decision.

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Adjustable standing desks are futuristic furniture that provides freedom to move and makes work fun too. The table is a positive from different health aspects as well. But it is somehow sad for those who look forward to desk decor and arrangements.

So, choose your suitable table today and work hard!