How to Access the Best Deals for Car Rental in London?

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Situated in southeastern England, London is an interesting destination that promises varied experiences. To explore the iconic attractions and hidden gems of London a rental car is the perfect choice. Although the city is well connected with all types of public transportations, a rental car is the best way to have a safe and comfortable journey. If you are looking for affordable options, London has plenty of them too. To know more about budget friendly rent a car London give this article a read.

Tips to Rent a Car in London at Affordable Deals

A trip to London can be quite expensive without proper planning and research. From hotels to rental cars, you must be aware of booking everything in the right way and at the right time. To book your favorite car in London at cheaper rates follow the tips mentioned below:

Compare Prices

The first tip to rent a car London at cheap rates is by checking out more than one seller and drawing the best possible conclusion. There are numerous car rental companies in London offering a variety of cars. You must check more than one and dive deeper into their offerings. Analyze their offerings, price ranges and come to a definite decision. As you check out multiple sellers you also gather information about the existing market.    

Book in Advance

Another way for luxury car hire UK at an affordable price is through advance booking. Most sellers have an online presence therein they feature their services systematically. All you have to do is visit their apps or websites, and book the car of your choice. Sellers offer attractive discounts on advance booking of cars in London. In this way you can even book a luxury car in London on a budget.  

Avoid Peak Seasons

Mostly during June to August London has a peak tourist season. During this time the prices of all things including rental cars are at their peak. So, if you are someone looking for a budget friendly trip to London, it is advisable to avoid this time period. Go off season and explore London peacefully without much crowd and expenses.

Avoid Airport Transfers

The next way to cut on rental car costs in London is by avoiding airport rides. The airport authorities charge extra from cars that operate within their vicinity. Any car booked for airport service will cost twice as compared to other locations. Hence, it is better not to choose your pick up or drop off location at the airport if you want an affordable ride.

Self Drive

Car rental companies offer chauffeur services for all types of car rentals. Since it is an added service you need to pay more. Self driving is the best option if you wish to save up on your car rental. However, if you are not an experienced driver it is better to opt for chauffeur services even if it requires you to pay extra.  

With the above mentioned tips you can surely book the best car in London at pocket friendly prices. Do keep in mind to start your car hunt in advance to avail additional discounts. To book the perfect car in London OneClickDrive can be your trustworthy partner and guide.