How to Be Smarter with Your Money in 2022

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Written By Berry Mathew

Smart spending is one of the most important things you can aim for in 2022.  With a varying and wild economy and some of the best tools possible at your fingertips, there’s no better time to work on your budget.  

These are the best tools and ideas that will help you save money and budget this year!

Make a Better Budget

The most important thing you can do is stop and thoroughly plan out your budget.  Goodbudget is a great program that walks you through budgeting and allows you to get as hands-on with your finances as possible.  Since it doesn’t directly link to your bank account, Goodbudget instead has you type in items like how much you make a month, how much you’re spending on bills, and how much you’re saving.  BY making you go into depth, it gives you the chance to get a clearer view: and set better limits.  

Allow Your Money to Make More

Don’t let your money stagnate.  The worst thing you can do when trying to build a better financial future is simply accrue the money you have and do nothing else with it.  You can multiply how much money you have and give yourself the chance to build a portfolio while you’re at it.  

Building a portfolio while using an app like Acorns can give you the chance to see how investing can allow your money to grow, what good investments look like, and how to avoid a lot of risks.  This will help you see the difference between good buy now pay later cell phones investments and poor investments that will waste your money. 

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Pay Attention to How You Spend Your Time

Your time management also matters for budgeting.  If you’re wasting time that you could be spending furthering your income or budget: you could be losing money for yourself.  Apps like RescueTime help you plan your days so that you’re not stuck with moments where you might slip into online shopping or ordering food instead of cooking because you ran out of time or energy.  Your time allotment is just as important as your financial allotment.  

What Mistakes to Avoid

There are some common mistakes that people make that stop them from being able to grow and improve financially.  One of these is that they treat digital money like it isn’t real and just keep spending and not looking at their bank accounts until they’re almost empty.  Don’t fall for this common mistake.  Not only will this make it impossible for you to create a healthy relationship with money: it can leave you in a lot of debt.  

You should also make sure you avoid the mistake of forgetting to create a savings account.  Put money aside, and ensure you continue to store more and save using an app like Mint.

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Everyone Deserves Better Financial Health

Financial health is something that more people are taking seriously in 2022: so don’t fall behind on this.  Work towards budgeting carefully, and create a path for yourself so that you’ll have no option but a healthier relationship with spending.