How to Build a Study Space In Your Bedroom

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Written By Berry Mathew

Ever since COVID-19, all forms of learning all around the world have transitioned into the new online modalities. All communications have now been carried on through emails and live video conferences. Because of this, most students are having a hard time coping and adjusting to the new setup. This is even harder if you do not have enough space to continue your study sessions inside the house. 

Because of not enough spaces, students were forced to just study inside their bedrooms. That as a result, they somehow lack enough motivation because studying inside a bedroom can make them feel sleepy and lazy. If this is your problem, building a study space inside your bedroom might help you resist that feeling. Aside from it will take you away from being sleepy, seeing a beautiful study space will also help you become motivated. Just keep on reading because, in this blog, we will guide you on how to create your study space inside your bedroom! 

Get some spare plywood and build your shelf

To save space inside your bed and to be more organized, you must have a shelf on which you can put all your books, pens, and highlighters. As you pick some spare plywoods, ask your father’s help to build a cube organizer shelf. These types of shelves are a great way to keep your space clean and tidy. Since you only used spare plywoods, it will be cheap while making sure that it is also versatile. This 2021, this has been very popular because of its convenience and efficiency. You can also tell your dad to make it a little modern-looking. If you do not have spare plywood in the house, you can also use cardboard and glue guns to attach it. It would still be practical in a way if you will only arrange pens and highlighters on it. On the other hand, if you have a budget, you may also opt to buy ready-made shelves. 

Frame your pictures and memories

It is noticeable that most of the students that are struggling in the online modes of learning are losing their motivation. So to motivate yourself daily, we highly encourage you to take all the pictures of the memories that you cherish, print them, then make a collage. Put those memories into a frame and put them beside your study table. By looking at these, you will feel a little more motivated day by day. This is also a great decoration, especially if you used a cute frame or album for it. 

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Purchase a cute emoji pillow

While you are seated for almost 8 hours or more for your online class, sometimes you will feel lazy or sleepy and if you cannot resist the temptation, you might end up going back to your bed and sleep instead of joining the classes. Worst, your back will ache because of stiffness. To avoid that from happening, it is a good idea to purchase an emoji pillow as it has a very cute design and aside from that, you can put it on your back to avoid back pain. You may also hug it while listening to the class instead of rushing back to your bed and just sleep. If you are not using it, display it on your study chair to add a little more aesthetic to your study space.

Put all your distractions inside a box

Aside from it will help to make your study space clean and tidy, it is also helpful for you to keep yourself focused by collecting all the things that distract you and putting them in a box. There are boxes you can purchase with different cute designs, but if you have no budget for it, you can just make your box organizer with the things that are readily available in your home. You can also use cartons from groceries and cover them with a cute gift wrapper of your choice. Put it beside your bed, but a little far away from your study table.

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In a Nutshell

During this online learning setup, building your study space is an extra challenge, especially if you do not have a conducive workspace on your own. As a result, students have no choice but to use their bedrooms as their study area. This is a common choice for most of us. However, there are disadvantages to it, like we may feel sleepy and lazy all the time. To avoid it, we must feel free to upgrade our study spaces to make them more conducive and workable. A good way to do it is by organizing your stuff on shelves, decorating your space with motivating pictures and memories, purchasing a cute pillow, and putting away all your distractions. By doing this, you can have more productive learning daily.