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Get Enough Sleep

Have you ever noticed that everything feels better after a great night’s sleep?

The best way to feel your best, have more energy and be at your most productive is to get enough sleep. A good quality mattress is essential for deep sleep, read these Nectar Mattress reviews and consider an upgrade.

Start Your Workday With A Workout

Many people wrongly believe that working out will make you more tired, but in reality, it energizes you just enough to get you through the day. Don’t forget to fuel yourself with the right healthy foods for breakfast! If you cycle it can be on your commute

Take A Power Nap

The idea of taking a nap at work may seem off putting or even wrong, but studies have shown that 20-minute power naps can do wonders for your psyche! In fact, modern employers see the benefits of allowing employees to refresh and unwind for a few minutes, so they set up private places where employees can power nap.

Get A Handle On Personal Grudges

Perhaps the most time consuming and tiring part of working each day are the politics in the workplace. It’s common to hold certain grudges against co-workers, but even more common to take your personal problems to work with you. Ignoring grudges and anger is not the way to handle your emotions. Rather, make a list of grudges that you have and make it a point to reconcile each one whenever applicable. Taking this step will make your day feel more on track.

Create A Humor Break

Endorphins help you feel happier and more energized, which is why it’s recommended to take a humor break at work. 15-minute humor breaks are all you need to release those same endorphins you feel when working out. Consider watching funny YouTube videos or reading humorous blogs when you have the time. This is a great idea for a mid-afternoon break to fuel the rest of your workday.

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Get Up And Walk Around

After spending most of your day at the computer, it is natural to feel tired or laggy. Get up and walk outside for a short time. Whether it’s cold and rainy or sunny and warm, getting out of the office and away from technology can help energize you. While you’re taking your walk break, also do some quick stretches to work out your muscles.

Read A Fun Book During Lunch

Spend your lunch hour doing something fun. Why not take a quick adventure by reading a short story? You don’t have to pick up the greatest literary masterpiece, but as long as you enjoy the content, you can give your mind some escapism from work. In fact, finishing a quick story gives you a sense of accomplishment for when you get back to your job!

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Deal With Problems Proactively

The hardest part of working closely with your boss and colleagues is the potential tension you’re left with after a disagreement. The best and most diplomatic way to deal with workplace problems is to face them head on. Don’t let your anger get the best of you, and if something is bothering you, make sure to talk to your boss right away. The longer you wait to work problems out, the more tension builds up and affects your productivity.

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