How to make a trending channel in TikTok 2022?

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Written By Berry Mathew

It is the regular conquest of the audience that is the secret of success on TikTok.

Video with spectacular stunts

Shooting of various tricks, stunts, acrobatic numbers, etc. do not lose their relevance.

Almost everyone loves sports exercises, as well as unusual activities. This strategy is relatively accessible even to beginners trying to create a trending channel on TikTok.

One TikToker managed to competently implement the idea in which a video with spectacular tricks is formed. He is filming his own workouts on various equipment and equipment in an empty gym.

The setting is sufficient, the idea is non-trivial. The blogger manages to shoot bright videos for TikTok that the audience loves. Of course, most of the success here is determined by the complexity of the tricks and their effectiveness.

The most viewed video footage with him today, where the ball is accurately thrown into the basketball hoop. In this case, the trick is additionally complicated by performing a somersault. There is no need to rush with similar undertakings. There must be professional training and optimal physical shape.

Otherwise, serious injury is likely, “earned” while trying to attract many subscribers to the TikTok channel. There is no need to risk your health for the sake of promoting your account.


Rollers with unusual makeup

The continuation of the promising theme of transformation of appearance will be videos with unusual makeup.

Likes, reviews, views and many visitors on the TikTok channel collects content that shows unique techniques for applying cosmetics.

On the eve of the holidays, for example, materials that teach how to make fantastic images demonstrate fantastic popularity.

In this area, you should ensure that the entire process is shown – from clear skin to the final result. A visitor, observing a creative on the TikTok channel, must be present at each stage in order to understand the essence of the idea.

Step-by-step instructions here give a lot of views, resulting in the rapid growth of the author’s popularity.

Try to buy Tiktok fans, you can quickly promote a channel for making money. Further, prospects are created even for the opening of a specialized school of make-up.

You need to consider! Those who want to make money on the TikTok video channel should initially think about creating a thematic site. Together with the TikTok channel, it forms a powerful base for profitable online business!

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Dexterity video for TikTok channel

Almost always spectators

attract videos in which the authors show their reaction or dexterity in unusual situations.

Extreme sports, recordings of exotic competitions and, of course, individual opportunities are well suited.

It is difficult for TikTok to shoot vivid videos here, because simple jumps, a banal manifestation of reaction are trivial moments.

Again, it will take a remarkable readiness to physically withstand the experiment and show the intended agility. High-quality execution contributes to the achievement of the ultimate goal – to create a trending channel in TikTok.

An additional challenge in organizing and recording TikTok video with the captured dexterity can be additional costs. There will surely be an investment of money and a waste of time.

Shooting parodies of top films

This model of work can be considered one of the easiest among the other strategies.

It is important that you do not need to reinvent super creativity on the TikTok channel. For the commercials, the basic scenario is ready and it remains for the tiktoker only to present individual episodes of films in a funny way.

Now the leading position in this direction is firmly held by the Verzakov brothers. They quickly figured out how to create a trending channel on TikTok dedicated to funny interpretations of different moments from blockbusters.

These twins are adept at shooting parodies of top movies.

It is worth adopting some aspects from the experience of the Verzakovs. In addition to cool videos that attract many subscribers to the TikTok video channel, the brothers are developing additional directions.

Having understood the essence of the work, they have already launched a second account, which has the approximate name “Guess the Scene”.

Here they act out scenes from different films and invite subscribers and guests to guess the name of the movie.

Hair experiment rollers

For a female audience, the topic of skin care will always be desirable and in demand.

The work of the girl LAVA is a wonderful example where it is possible to shoot bright videos for TikTok.

Tiktoker shoots videos with experiments on hair, and she often invites her friends for such actions.

Curious hairstyles are realized, dyes are performed with new means, exotic tools or devices are tried.

It turns out a project full of useful, interesting materials. Naturally, many subscribers come to the TikTok video channel.

The best among the videos with hair experiments so far is the one that shows a rainbow partially hidden inside the hair.

Videos with pranks in public places

Attempts to surprise, shock, or frighten passers-by in public places are an interesting option, “doomed” to likely success.

This topic attracts a lot of subscribers to the TikTok video channel, because users like to observe the missteps and unusual reactions of strangers.

This idea is well developed by tiktoker @williespenser. His video of pranks in public places is simple, but in places extremely addictive and get Tiktok views .

The plan of all the videos of his video channel follows the same plan:

the author approaches a random person;

makes a sharp somersault in front of a stranger;

relieves reaction;

sometimes interviews later;

publishes content on the TikTok channel.

The idea does not have extraordinary creativity, but it turns out to be funny situations.

People get scared in different ways, react and respond to the actions of the blogger. Today the author can make good money on such pranks.

Of course, this is done to capture the reactions and responses of surprised, embarrassed ladies. The process looks funny, but the unique reaction is even aggressive – to the delight of the audience.