How to make profit in futures?

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Written By Berry Mathew

Assets and liability are two powerful words one needs to understand before making any investment. Assets are any resource owned or controlled by an individual or company with the expectations of gaining the profit in the futures. Liability is what we owe to others . So in simple words , assets put money in our pocket whereas liability takes out money from the pocket. 

         People make investments in order to gain profit in forex futures. Today there are various options available for investment. Such as real estate , gold or silver , stock market etc . People tend to invest their money in order to gain profit in the futures. 

          According to the report, it is found that gold investment gives the returns of an average of 40% , whereas real estate gives returns of 300% . Similarly the stock market investment can possibly give the returns of 700% . But the investment in the skills or self learning can promise you enormous returns . Yes !!! It’s a huge difference and can surely earn you great rewards, if you make the right choices at the appropriate time. 

         In simple words , by making the appropriate investment at the proper time can ensure you the great benefits in the futures. Here are the benefits of the following investment. 

Gold investment: 

    Indian greatly prefer investing in gold rather than any other things . Because it promises great returns and provides safety too . Mainly women chose to invest in gold as it sure will be useful to them in virtue and can buy them out of losses in hard times . Gold investment is safe and does not require any special knowledge or prior experience. It is as easy as buying it and then selling it in futures to earn profit. And hence , gold is the asset. 

    Everything comes with a risk , even the next breath we take might be poisonous. Similar, is the case with gold . Gold market has its own ups and downs . At the time of downfall, one might face loss . But after analysing the market trend, it is concluded that downfall of the gold market is rare and even during downfall , one can at least recover the capital. 

Real estate market: 

     Real estate market is one of the fastest growing markets in India . It can promise great returns , if invested wisely. Real estate market is another good option for investment. Once upon a time, it was considered one of the  safest places for investment. But the downfall of the real estate market has completely changed that belief.  Yes , real estate is one of the good places for investment but it comes with it’s own risk . Real estate is one of the other places where Indians like to invest too . It promises good returns in the futures and can be called as an asset . 

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Stock market :

       Stock market is the platform which gives you the opportunity to invest in the upcoming or growing business and can promise you great rewards in return. Stock market is one of the best possible options for investment but they are subject to market risk . Not everybody practices this investment. As it requires prior knowledge and experience. Stock marketing is a platform that provides us the platform for investment in growing business . A person invests in a stock of the particular company, after analysing it’s demand and previous performance. 

Personal skills: 

      Skill development or sharpening is one of the best investments one can make . Personal development is very important in today’s competitive world. One needs to upgrade himself or herself in order to survive in today’s competitive world. Developing or enhancing the skill is considered as one of the greatest investments as it can open the gateway to the uncountable opportunities in the futures . And can ensure great rewards in return. It is considered as one of the greatest assets as it cannot be taken or stolen. One must invest in himself or herself for a better futures and to earn good fortune too. Personal development is a must and everyone must invest in himself or herself. 

     As the saying goes : “People can strip me off of  my material prosperity but they cannot strip me off of my skills” 

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      The futures holds the unknown. And it’s better to be prepared and armed than be totally unaware. There are a lot of options in today’s market for investment. All the options come with their own merits and demerits. It’s your choice, if you want to invest in stocks , real estate , gold or personal development. All the options are best in their own manner. But it’s advisable to choose wisely , after weighing it’s risk and profit .