How to make students develop a responsible attitude: tips for teachers

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Written By Berry Mathew

One of the main personality development traits to achieve success in life is to be responsible and accountable by nature. Those who understand their duties and responsibilities act actively, accordingly, and move in the right direction to accomplish their goals and objectives. The development of traits should start as a learner or student itself. 

Responsible students find ways to overcome the obstructions and reach, complete their work at the correct time. Regularity, punctuality, less procrastination, more confidence, better success rate, and active class performance, can be achieved by the responsible students. Let us read a few things that students must follow to become accountable. 

  • Respecting teachers and classmates. 
  • Ensuring discipline in the class. 
  • Using the appropriate language for communication. 
  • Following rules and regulations 
  • Keeping the surroundings clean 
  • Cooperating, collaborating, and interacting with the class. 

Teachers can play a very important role to develop responsible behavior in the learners. Let us discuss some effective techniques that students can use and include in the classrooms to make students more accountable for their work and learning process. 

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Make students responsible: 3 best tips for teachers. 

  • Assign jobs 

To make students practice responsible behaviors, creating and assigning jobs to them can be helpful. Completing the assigned work in the classroom will only make them better as a person but their professional skills are also boosted. Today all job fields demand workers who complete the assigned jobs timely and effectively. The practice of the behavior from the classroom itself will help students to develop the responsibility trait for future success.

Some activities and jobs that can be distributed among the learners are putting headings on the blackboards, collecting homework from the students, monitoring a class, checking the uniforms of the students, etc. You can keep making the changes to ensure that all students are getting a chance to do these jobs in a classroom. 

  • Reward the responsible attitude 

Whether online teaching through mobile or teaching traditionally, a reward system can be beneficial to make students more responsible. Ask them that the students who will properly complete the assigned work and will follow the instructions given would be rewarded. Also rewarding the students who showcase a responsible attitude can encourage others to do the same. Certificates, batches, appreciation, smiley stickers, best performer tags are a few rewarding tools that teachers can use. 

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  • Tell the importance, encourage them 

Teaching students the importance of following what you ask can be beneficial. Instead of saying be responsible, teach them why responsible behavior is important and how it will benefit the students. By listening to the advantages of developing the responsible trait, students will surely follow it. Also encouraging them by using motivational quotes for students can be helpful in this regard. 

How do responsible students act in class? 

Actively listen: listening to what teachers are saying, and explaining to the students is very important. The responsible students in a classroom actively listen to the instructions given by the teachers. Also, they listen to the lessons and topics that teachers teach. This improves communication, interaction, and engagement of the students in the classroom. 

Accomplish commitments: online teaching through mobile, other network devices, or traditional classrooms, teachers give assignments, projects, and daily homework to the students. The accountable learners understand their duties well and hence accomplish the commitments assigned to them. Completing the work before the deadline, submitting assignments timely is practiced by responsible learners. 

Make notes: Along with active listening, writing, and making notes are very important for effective classroom learning. Many students feel writing is important and this is the reason behind their low academic performance. What the teacher says helps score well. All the responsible students have this habit of noting down the essential definition, phrases and words teachers are emphasizing on. Motivational quotes for students, and thoughts can be used by teachers to make the class more and more responsible for their learning. 

Maintain decorum and discipline: responsible students understand the importance of following the rules and regulations to ensure discipline and classroom management. Avoiding mischief, listening to the teachers, actively participating in classes, and using appropriate language is practiced by such students. 


Successful imparting and receiving education can be achieved by understanding what the course demands from you. By understanding, a student becomes responsible and accountable for his or her duties and tasks. Successful teaching is also linked with how responsible students are in the learning process. By following the above-mentioned tips, teachers can make students develop responsible behavior and attitude for learning.