How to pre-record an intro video for your job interview

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Written By Berry Mathew

Introducing yourself casually can be as simple as saying your name and sharing the things you like. But when it involves landing your dream job, an intro could make or break your chances of getting a callback, especially if it is for a remote position.

Fortunately, you can pre-record an intro video for your job interview. This means you get to plan and edit the content before sending it to the hiring manager. 

But, how should you introduce yourself in a video?

Rules in real life

First and foremost, you must treat your intro video as if you are meeting the employers in real life. Here are some tips to make it worth watching

  • Speak clearly
  • Don’t speak too slow or too fast
  • Be confident
  • Dress accordingly
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Smile

How to write a good intro

Before recording your video, prepare what you are going to say. Writing a script beforehand prevents you from mentioning things you shouldn’t and helps minimize the time and energy spent on recording the video. In preparing your speech in advance, you should:

  • Take as much time as needed in writing one. List down the relevant attributes you need to mention. Use words and terms that you can find in the job post or job description so that the speech immediately sounds relevant and fit for the position.
  • Note down how you are going to say what you have written. If you need to note down how you are going to say it or where you need to pause, indicate them on your script. Create a shot list if you plan to shoot from different angles. You want to impress your employer so every aspect needs to be impressive.
  • Give a brief overview of your education and working experience. Mention only the jobs and tasks that you believe are relevant to the new position you are vying for. Do not ever badmouth previous employers, even if your experience with them isn’t pleasant.
  • Highlight the reasons why you would be a good fit for the company or organization. Sell yourself without sounding boastful. 

How to record a good intro 

Now that your speech is ready, it is time to record your introduction video. It is important to rehearse your introduction until you get comfortable and your mouth gets used to saying the words you have to say. Do this in front of a mirror or do a rough recording of yourself. Watch it and note down the areas where you need improvement.

Set up your recording space nicely. If this is not possible, use a chroma key or green screen effect. Choose a professional background with no fancy colors or decor. Keeping it simple will allow the hiring manager to focus on you and what you have to say. Make sure that there is ample lighting and that there are no distracting sounds in the background.

Adjust the settings of your camera. Choose the right aspect ratio for quick and easy viewing, which is usually 16:9. If you are not very keen on camera settings and creating a storyboard for your intro video, use a template. There are online video recorders that offer customizable templates for creating professional or corporate videos.

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How to edit an intro video

When you are satisfied with your recording, make sure to watch it before sending it. More often than not, you will find a few areas that need fixes or enhancements. If there are scenes that may seem too quick or are lingering too long on the screen, you should speed up the video or slow down the video to your liking.

Make sure the video is easy on the eyes. If the colors are too dull or bland, adjust the white balance setting to give it a brighter, more vibrant appearance. Adjust the brightness and contrast, too, if needed.

If your script involves terminologies and jargon that may be difficult to understand, add captions to your video. Do not assume that the hiring manager will know everything you are talking about. You may also add titles, like ‘Education’ or ‘Work Experience’, to break down your video and make it easier to watch.

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A good first impression that lasts

An introduction video is just one of the many things you need to prepare if you are out on a job hunt. However, it is also one of the most essential since this, aside from your resume, will give your potential employer a glimpse of who you are and what you can offer to the organization. So, don’t just wing it. 

Plan, create and customize your intro video with care. If done correctly, it can help improve your chances of getting selected for the position you are applying for.