How to Use YouTube Cards in Your Youtube Videos

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YouTube cards have replaced the annotations, which allowed the video marketers to insert an overlay to the call-to-actions on their videos. Annotations may have been quite beneficial, but they had a major disadvantage – they were not optimized for mobile phones, and that is why they didn’t work for mobile viewers.

In 2015, YouTube decided to remove the annotations by replacing them with “cards.” This was the same thing but was optimized to offer better benefits in a different approach.

YouTube Cards also encouraged the viewers to interact with the videos. The annotations used to offer messages that appeared as speech bubbles and pop-ups. This was very irritating for the majority of YouTube users. With the introduction of cards, a small letter “i” started to appear at the top right side of the videos. These are subtle & work well on smartphones.

If you want to know how you will use YouTube cards, you are at the right place. In this blog, we will discuss a lot of information about YouTube cards and know more about them.

What Are The Different YouTube Cards?

YouTube has launched different kinds of cards to help you achieve better conversions and help your audience check out other videos. Here are the different kinds of YouTube Cards.

  1. Merchandise – 

Merchandise cards can enable the store owners to trace the viewers to a particular landing page. On this page, they can purchase a product or opt for a service. This can be any page that is run by the brand. You can use this card to promote your merchandise by featuring them in the videos. You can even add any other additional items that seem interesting.

  1. Fundraising – 

Fundraising cards have allowed e-commerce business owners to raise funds by driving fundraising events effectively. YouTube has lately collaborated with many crowdfunding platforms to help spread awareness regarding a particular theme or event. The customers can click on the card & they will be directed to the page where they can safely donate the money.

  1. Videos or Video Playlists – 

You must have already come across such a card. As the name suggests, a video playlist card helps the creators to showcase all their previous videos in one place. You can use this card to make your viewers aware of the different other videos that you have uploaded on the channel. This will help you to get better views and engagement on all other videos.

  1. Associated Website – 

This card will help the audience to visit the website that is associated with your channel. This can be any website, even your own merchandise store. However, if you want to use this card, it is essential that you add the website to YouTube. This is specifically beneficial for all business owners who want their viewers to visit their shopping websites.

  1. Channel – 

It is a very simple YouTube card that helps you showcase any other channel or your channel to all the viewers. The channel can be anyone who has a YouTube channel. This is a great way to show the people if you have a secondary channel and attract more attention from the primary one.

  1. Fan Funding – 

If you have a big and loyal fan base, you can surely use the Fan Funding card. This will help you collect funds from your loyal viewers and utilize the money to create better content or other videos.

So, these are the different kinds of YouTube cards that you can avail of on YouTube channels. Now, let’s find out how you are going to use it.

How To Add Cards To Your YouTube Videos?

Take a look at the following steps because they will help you know how you will add YouTube cards to your videos easily.

Step 1 – first, go to the YouTube studio tab from your YouTube channel page. 

Step 2 – Now click on the “Content” section that is present in the left panel.

Step 3 – select the particular video to which you want to add your card to. You can click on the “pencil” icon to find more details.

Step 4 – in the next page, you will have to scroll down to see the menu present on the right side of the page. Select the “cards” option present there.

Step 5 – Finally, click on the “add card” option on the drop-down menu. You will see all the options that are present. You can add a maximum of 5 cards in your video regardless of the length.

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How To Make The Most Out of The Cards?

As we are nearing the end of this blog, we would want you to make the most out of your YouTube cards. So, here are the best tips that you should implement to use the cards.

  • When you are adding cards to your videos, you need to make sure that they are relevant. It can be annoying to get notified about a card that does not offer anything meaningful. Hence, you have to add a card only if you think that the audience can benefit from it.
  • To divert more attention to the cards, you can add a CTA in your video. While presenting your regular video, you can ask the audience to click on the card and check out other relevant videos to further help them.
  • Optimize your YouTube cards with the help of a teaser and by adding custom text on them. Teaser text appears in front of the audience when they are watching the video. A custom text can help to attract more attention easily.

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Final Words – 

Now that you are fully aware of YouTube cards, it is high time that you start using them. These can be useful when you want your audience to dive deeper into the pool of content you have created for them. YouTube cards can also help you support a non-profit and humanitarian cause. If you have not yet used them, don’t miss them from now.