India’s New Parliament Building Costs Rs.20000 Crore Under TATA Projects Ltd

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The foundation stone for the construction of the New Parliament building of India has been laid by Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi on 10 December 2020. Its construction is plot no. It has been done at 118 Parliament Street (New Delhi) and this new Parliament building is an important part of the Vision of Aatmanirbhar (Self-reliant) India.

The building will be triangular in shape and will be modern, state of the art, as well as energy-efficient, with impregnable security. The new Parliament will be about three times larger than the present Parliament House, whose floor area will be approximately 8500 square meters and the new Parliament House will be of 4-storey building.

First of all, the suggestion of the creation of Parliament in our country or we can also say that it was started in the year 2010 and the most important reason behind this is that the building of the present Parliament House is almost 93 years old.

Along with this, there is enough space for house members and their staff at present. Given the structure of the Future Lok Sabha of India, the present Parliament House will be outdated in the coming few years and will prove to be more effective in adjusting the number of MPs of the future. In view of all these circumstances, the Central Government launched the Central Vista Redevelopment Project in the year 2019.

Under the Central Vista Redevelopment Project, the improvement of the last RAJPAT from Rashtrapati Bhavan (President Of India Office) to India Gate which is about 3 km in length, construction of new office and residential building of the Prime Minister, construction of new Parliament building is also included in it.

Narendra Modi at new parliament Bhoomi pooja

The foundation stone for the construction of the new Parliament House has been laid by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 10 December 2020, along with the construction of a single Central Secretariat under the Central Ministerial Development Redevelopment Project.

Along with this, the Central Conference Center will also be constructed, thus a total of 4 buildings will be constructed.

Under the Central Vista Redevelopment Project, This project will be spread over 4km and will be able to serve India for the next 150 to 200 years.

Not only this, more than 1000 trees will also be planted within the project. For this project, 20,000 Thousand Crores rupees will be spent by the Indian Government and it will be fully completed by 2024.

Features of the New Parliament Building India

According to the Central Vista Redevelopment Project, The new Parliament building to be built in the project will have a provision for 888 Lok Sabha Members seats and 384 Rajya Sabha Chamber seats, and if required in the future, the new Parliament building can be built up to 1024 Lok Sabha Chamber seats.

Therefore, there will be a provision of seating of 1224 Ministers of Parliament in the new Parliament House.

Currently, the old parliament has only 545 members (530 states + 13 Union territories) and 245 Rajya Sabha seats.

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The present system of the census of 1961 is underway and it is expected that after the 2021 census, the seat of Member of Parliament in India will be increased and by 2024 it is expected that there can be 848 seats of Member of Parliament in Lok Sabha. Hence, by 2019 Lok Sabha elections can be held on 4 seats.

The structure of the new Parliament will be earthquake resistant and will be also able to survive 8.0 magnitude earthquakes. By the way, the height of the new Parliament will be 50 meters and inside it, the part can work 9500 simultaneously.

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The new Parliament building has been designed by Famous Architect Bimal Patel and the name of the architecture company is HCP Design Planning & Management Pvt. Ltd. It will be constructed by Tata Projects Ltd., and the target of completing the construction work of the new parliament building by 2022 has been given.

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❛❛Ratan Tata, whose Tata Projects Ltd will be constructing the new Parliament, told ANI that “It is an impressive project and I wish it all success. I am privileged to be invited to the foundation stone laying ceremony,” he said.❜❜

What will happen with the old Parliament?

The North Block, South Block, Secretariat Building, etc. of the Premises of the old Parliament Building will be converted into a museum.

Only Rs. 961 crore will be spent to build the new Parliament Bidding and very soon it will be India’s “New Temple of Democracy”.

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