Why did Instagram give a Reward of 20 lakh Rupees to this Indian Hacker?

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Why did Instagram give a Reward of 20 lakh Rupees to this Indian Hacker?

These days hacking is one big problem all over the world. And this anxiety increases, even more, when big companies like Facebook, Faceapp, and many more different organizations sell users data to any third party in exchange for profit. But can hacking be beneficial and can it be rewarded for it? #Indian Hacker

So, let’s know how a Chennai hacker boy who was recently rewarded by Instagram for Rupees 20 lakhs ($30,000). His name is Laxman Muthiyah who is from Chennai (Tamil Nadu, India).

Laxman Muthiyah is one of the thousands of software engineers from Chennai who want to do something different in their life. He is a white hat hacker. He is an Indian hacker. He recently hacked an Instagram account for which he got 20 lakh 55 thousand rupees ($30,000). But this is not the first time that he got money for hacking. It has been done before also about 34 times. But this is the first time he has received so much money.

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He told Instagram that any Instagram users account can be hacked without their knowledge. Now Instagram has fixed that bug.

Earlier one year, an account could be hacked by giving millions of codes at once. Now only 10 codes can be entered in ten minutes. So it is not possible to hack the account now. That’s why he got this reward.

Laxman said “In the year 2011, I participated in many workshops and events related to hacking in the first year and second year of my college. That’s what I found out about Bug Bounty Programs. I get paid for information about a bug I was told. Searching for a bug is not just about finding a bug You also have to prove that it is a threat to security and can hack a user’s profile. When I came to know that it could be made a profession, I started trying to become a bug hunter. I found 1 bug in Facebook which took almost 1.5 years. I got about 90 thousand rupees ($13,000) for this. That was my first earning”.

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By college final year he had earned 3 lakh rupees just by searching for bugs. People used to talk about him in college and his professors also used to praise him, it made Laxman and his parents very proud.

Laxman also said, “Hacking is the science of a different logic, there is an eagerness to know that anything is hidden. The common man likes magic because there are secrets hidden in it, the same with hacking”.

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