Indoor Decorative Plants that are Easy to Care

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Written By Berry Mathew

Natural green plants indoor can make the house or room lively and fresh. It adds to the beauty and feel of the place. However, when you keep plants inside, they cannot reach out of sunlight, and they may die. But some indoor plants survive better under shade or inside the room. Here we have listed the indoor plants which need less care and attention. 

List of Indoor Plants You Can Bring Home

  • Snake Plant

Even though it is named snake plant but it has all good things to give out. When you keep it inside your room, it absorbs toxins, chemicals and converts CO2 to Oxygen. It is one of the best air-purifying plants and the best thing about it is you need not water it every day. 

  • Lucky Bamboo Plant

According to the Chinese concept of feng shui, the bamboo plant is very lucky for the home. You can keep it in soil or simply in water. That means you don’t have to water it but in few weeks change the water. You can keep it on the centre table or near the window. Use this indoor plant for decoration.

  • Peace Lily

Keeping peace lily in the home is effortless yet beautiful. It has deep green leaves and white tiny flowers, which looks good against a plain wall. You can keep it by your washbasin in washroom for a refreshing looking. This is an excellent indoor plant that requires minimal care.  You can buy this online as well from online stores like Shopclues. You can use Shopclues coupons to avail exciting discount.

  • Ferns

Ferns are not purely indoor plant, but they can survive without direct sunlight. You can keep it indoors and water the soil frequently. Watering and indirect sunlight is the only way to keep their leaves green. As ferns grow closer to the soil, you can keep the plant on a stand or height. 

  • Grape Ivy

Grape Ivy comes in green and reddish-orange colour. It is an ornamental plant that can add beauty to any corner of your house. It is easy to maintain and require less attention. You can choose to bring this home and add a decorative piece to your house. 

  • Areca Palm

Areca Palm is another awesome indoor plant that looks great, especially at the entrance of the house. If you buy a taller Areca palm, it is enough to complete your living area décor. It adds aesthetic value to your home and makes everything lively. 

  • Green Spider Plant

Spider plant is an excellent indoor plant that looks great and easy to care for. It has a grass-like leaf blade with a white edge. You cannot keep it under direct sunlight, so it is better to keep it in shade or indoor. It can survive under artificial light as well. You can water it on alternative days. It will be a great addition to your home décor. 

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  • Flamingo Flower

Who doesn’t like a colourful flower as an indoor plant? There are not many indoor flowering plants, but the Flamingo flower is an amazing plant to keep at home. It requires lower sunlight, moist soil and lesser watering. It comes in many colours, but the red flamingo flower is most popular. These flower plants look plant yet impactful. 

  • Money Plant

Money plant is an ornamental plant with attractive and unique leaves. It is another air-purifying plant that will keep the in house air pollution-free. It comes in multiple variants, standing plant or climber. You can choose to buy any variant depending on the concept of house decoration. It looks simple, but it will amplify the beauty if you place it in front of the blank white wall. 

  • Croton

Croton is an ornamental leaf yet colourful. In the same plant you will see red, yellow, green and gradient colours. It adds beauty to the room, and you might not water it every day. It is a natural humidifier and comes in many variants, but the leaf pattern and colour are very attractive. 



Plants are the best elements you can add to your house. It adds to the beauty and positive feeling of the space. Here we have listed the top 10 indoor plants to beautify your home. You can consider buying these plants and beautify every corner. All of these require less sunlight and are easy to maintain. SO what are you waiting for? Go and buy a new plant to add new elements to your house.