Interesting Things To Know About FAUG (Fearless & United Guards); Developed In India

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After a long wait, nCore Studios finally launched the immensely popular Indian game FAUG, a game that was initially launched to be a PUBG Mobile substitute. In the months following its teaser release, FAUG (Fearless And United Guards) game gathered a huge load of promotion, and just before India’s Republic Day, the organization at long last opened the gates, permitting Android users to download and play the game.

FAU-G has been created by Indian developers, Bengaluru based nCore Games is the maker behind the versatile game. The organization guarantees that the user data will be secured stored on servers within the country India. Prior to the release of the game, there were a ton of theories that FAUG, by nCore games would be the alternative to PUBG mobile.

Now the game has been launched and freely available on Google Play Store for your Android phone. So, let’s discuss some interesting things about FAUG, the most awaited and popular battle royale mobile game. 

1. Strong Hindi Dialogues

The developers at nCore have unmistakably invested a decent lump of effort dealing with the game’s sound and they really tried their best to look this an Indian game. A Sikh Sardar is portrayed as a lead character in this game and a Sikh armed force official needs to take on the Chinese Army to get to his team. He describes the mission and gives suggestions by using amazing dialogues like “Ek FAUG Mission Pure Kiye Bina Waapis Nahi Laut Taa…” which is entertaining.

“Me Tenu Chandana Ni”, “Dusman Aas Pass Hai”, “Bharat Ke Veer” Hindi dialogues are also been heard in this game. To that note, the hero keeps the players drenched in the game by doling out some abuses to the resistance’s soldiers and you’ll regularly hear the fighter make statements like “Apne Bhaiyon ko Bachana Mera Farz Hai, Aur Unhe Pakadne Valon Ko Marana, maza!”.

Dialogue from the FAUG

2. Indian languages are the highlights

FAUG, the most popular Indian game has been launched in three native languages including Hindi, English, and Tamil. The nCore Games representative disclosed to media, “This is a made in India game that is planned from the beginning is that it will only target only Indian users. Having different languages at dispatch is to oblige the diverse and rich populace that make up India.”

Vishal Gondal, Indian entrepreneur and founder of the game development and publishing company Indiagames, affirmed that the game will be accessible in more Indian languages in the days to come.

According to our sources, Bhojpuri (for Bihar), Punjabi (for Punjab), Telegu (for Andhra Pradesh), Malayalam (for Kerela), and Bengali (for West Bengal) may be available in the coming days.


3. Bonfire is Lifeline

Players can recover their character’s lost health by sitting close to a bonfire. During the fight wherever you got injured you can revive your lost health back to its prior level. As a gamer, the feature is quite illogical but really an entertaining part of FAUG.

The developer should add to the game is the capacity for players to convey medical kits or anything which looks like first-aid. Players ought to have the option to mend themselves in a hurry, as it would save valuable time and would not require them to continue attempting to return to the last bonfire or open the current stage’s huge fire.

4. FAUG downloaded by over a million users on the first day

The most awaited Indian game FAUG has crossed 1 million+ download on the first day of release. The Google Play Store demonstrated it as an achievement that the game had more than 1 million downloads on the dispatch day.

It’s a great and tremendous number. To date, PUBG Mobile got more than 16 million downloads in 4 months since its release of the teaser. The game is getting mixed reviews from the users however it positively appears as though it’s looking incredible so far.

In only 3 days, the game has figured out how to earn in excess of 6 million downloads on the Google Play store. It has additionally become the Top Free Game application on the Google Play store, which is staggering for a game that delivered only a couple of days back.

FAUG game on Google Play Store

5. Less Gore Violence (safe for children)

The FAUG game is PG-rated (the PG rate means guidance from a parent or guardian is recommended for younger viewers especially for 10 years or over). The nCore game’s developer did exclude blood, all things being equal while hitting the AI bots basically shows the measure of harm they took as numbers.

On the other hand, there is no health stat for enemies, which implies that you need to hit them on various occasions before you realize they are dead. The funny part is wherever the enemy dies, the body of enemies vanishes from the field.

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6. FAUG’s revenue goes to the Indian Army

As of now, the lone most awesome aspect is that it’s an Indian Game and there’s 20% of the income will be going to the Indian Army “Hamare Bharat Ke Veer”. The game is not just a virtual army game and it also contributes to the physical life of our protectors.

The Indian companies are truly endeavoring to make a critical space in the multiplayer gaming space. We should remain tuned to see the forthcoming highlights and modes.

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Prior to the release of the game, there were a ton of theories that FAUG, by n-Core games would be the desi-opponent of PUBG mobile, yet to be straightforward, it was nothing similar to that. Despite the fact, that is it not advocated to contrast FAUG and PUBG or other driving battle royale games like Garena Free Fire, Call Of Duty Warzone, and so forth since this Indian game is at the extremely starting stage. We can just hope for the best for the Indian game – FAUG.

As an Indian kudos to FAUG (Fearless and United Guards). Let us know your thought on the comment section below.

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