Jabariya Jodi Movie Review: Sidharth and Parineeti starrer starts on a promising note

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Jabariya Jodi Movie Review: A confusing movie with bad chemistry?

A few weeks ago, Hrithik Roshan’s film Super 30 came to cinemas and performed brilliantly while working with the Bihari pronunciation. Now, Sidharth Malhotra whose Bihari pronunciation in Jabariya Jodi travels every which way like an unfortunate propensity. It appears to be far-fetched. You may resemble a Bernini mold. Yet in the end, the audience will anticipate that you should carry out the responsibility you’ve been employed for. Let’s check out the review of the Jabariya Jodi movie below.


Characters: Sidharth Malhotra, Parineeti Chopra, Javed Jaffrey, Aprasakti Khurana, Sanjay Mishra, Neeraj Sood, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Sheeba Chaddha, Arfi Lamba

Director: Prasanth Singh

Producer: Ekta Kapoor, Shailesh R. Singh, Sunil Dolamani Panda

Jabariya Jodi Movie Plot

Abhay Singh (Siddharth) kidnaps an insatiable groom who charges dowry (Dahej) in Bihar’s city Madhopur. At that point, he coercively weds a young girl, considering it a ‘surprise party’. After that when his toddlerhood girlfriend Babli (Parineeti) reenters his life, he needs to pick between love and his desire.

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Sidharth Malhotra with Parineeti Chopra

Jabariya Jodi Movie Review

Groom or Bride kidnappings in Bihar is certifiably not another subject for Bollywood. However, Jabariya Jodi is the first to turn a story around it with some famous Bollywood stars.

Abhay Singh (Sidharth) who is the son-in-law of the local powerful man who is also known as Bahubali (Javed Jaaferi). And he is also the boss jack of all trades of the neighborhood. Bahubali, under whose ‘Chatra-chaya’ there twists a gang of goons. Their central occupation is to sort out kidnappings at the command of the girl’s family.

Swelling packs of money change hands, and everything comes swimmingly till. At some point, Abhay’s childhood friend named Babli (Parineeti) hoves into view.

From the beginning, you may see an unmistakable and current issue. The film’s hero, Siddharth Malhotra is extremely cleaned for his provincial Bihari role. Sidharth Malhotra makes the edge look great yet feels like a loner in the role of a street Gunda.

Indeed, even with beautiful shirts, dim scarfs, and tasteless shades, he doesn’t exactly make the cut as a threatening goon that he should be.

Same thing for Parineeti, who is constantly glammed up in highly precious designed wear. Notwithstanding when she’s in a passionate disturbance. Her character begins off being very feisty.

Her progress from a bomb to an innocent (bechaari) isn’t persuading in any way. While both the on-screen characters put in their best, with Parineeti Chopra getting the Bihari pronunciation hit into. Writing of this film is what ultimately disappoints them.

This same Jodi had worked admirably in Hasee Toh Phasee which was released in 2014, particularity was composed into their characters, and both took away their jobs well. Here, they are presented on the wall.

As the film comes, perplexity gets jumbled. Is this a benevolent social dramatization, a romantic comedy, or an actioner? To start with, there is the reason for insatiable dowry searchers being given their equitable sweets when they are constrained into this “Jabariya Shaadis” (forceful marriage).

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So we get many barely-funny but tasteless episodes that are forced to molest young men and women, with the gang, made up of Bollywood’s concept of back-talking hoods, gave out particular lines for us to chuckle at.

A lot of difference in the heart, in similar individuals, who have done it for a long time, is appreciable. Even poor Javed Jaffrey, who is clearly making an allegation that it should be overthrown as the boss of the kidnappers is forced to pull them out and talk about forced marriages.

Two actors are pitched as Chandan Roy Sanyal and Apashakti Khurana as the hero’s best friend, who are good, great losers. The two descriptors are prosaisms, but both single-scenes pick up the scenes they are in.

What about giving these actors more in Bollywood? They can become like the “Jabariya Jodi” for our time. According to us, the rest is a waste of time and talent as well.

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