Lab-Created Green Diamond

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Green diamonds are one of the rarest types of diamond. Although the rarity of the diamond makes it less prone to selling, the exotic and captivating color makes it worth investing in. Selecting the perfect diamond for your big day is a difficult task.

There are a lot of present in the market but if you want to go for something that will make your look stand out then you must try our labcreated green diamond.

Lab-grown green diamonds symbolize brilliant craftsmanship skills through its design. It is an elegant piece of jewelry that suites almost everyone. In the domain of aesthetic jewelry  lab grown green diamonds stands out as a stunning diamond that is capable to make you look pretty at your big day

Normally diamond shine and color are graded from D to Z. But for colored diamonds like green diamonds, things are different because their color range is beyond the normal scale so they are awarded the scale for the intensity of the green color.

  • Faint
  • Very Light
  • Light
  • Fancy Light
  • Fancy
  • Fancy Intense
  • Fancy Vivid, Fancy Deep, or Fancy Dark

Let’s dissect the lab-created green diamonds and see what they’ve got to offer.

Why to Choose Green Diamond Lab-Grown

These diamonds are made in lab by innovative technology and precision . We ensure that each diamond has a beautiful shine and charm that could add more to your natural beauty.

They are made through ethical practices and in a controlled lab environment . Each diamond is created carefully ensuring that they have an allure of green diamonds .

If you want to try something unique and aestheticaly appealing then you should try green diamond lab grown, recently they have become a popular choice for people who don’t want traditional white diamond jewelry, The emerald green diamonds would look pretty on the rings that give them a mesmerizing and stunning appearance.

Choice of Metal

The selection of metal can uplift the design to another level. With our green diamonds every metal would look beautiful.

Lab created green diamondare aesthetically appealing and elegant jewelry option for every lady who doesn’t want a typical white diamond ring. green diamonds are getting really popular due to its ecological consideration, beauty and style. It’s worth the money you spend. 

What Are Green Diamonds

green diamonds are diamonds with a green color imparted in them. Green diamonds are extremely rare, and only 1 in 10,000 carats mined 1 is a green diamond.

The diamonds get their green color when the carbon of the diamond is exposed to nitrogen . The intensity and hues of green depend on the nitrogen quantity . A fact about green diamonds is that the deeper the color the more expensive the diamond.

green diamonds are either naturally occurring or lab-grown .

Color of diamond:

The most incredible feature of our diamond is it’s attractive color. Our green diamonds has a deep and pure color which sets it apart from other diamonds. Each shade tells a unique story about it’s elegance.  The diamond has spectrum of emerald and light green shades which looks absolutely mesmerising. 

Design of diamonds:

The green diamonds are sign of modern elegance due to their attractive look. The design will suite most of the women weather you want a jewelry for traditional attire or modern look, this diamond will look good on every style because of it’s beautiful design.

Choosing the best diamond:

Choosing a good quality diamond is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time to find quality jewelry. Here we have some tips to guide you through this process. By using them you can easily get your hands on the perfect diamond that will beautify your hands.

Types of Green Diamonds

Although you cannot tell apart which is which we have mainly two types of diamonds.

Lab-grown and earth-grown. Both differ based on their origin, price, and ethicality. Apart from these, you won’t be able to tell apart upon seeing.

Let’s discuss their origin first:


The types of diamonds grown in the laboratory under human supervision are called labgrown diamonds. They take 2 to 3 weeks to form.

Lab-Grow diamond process, the carbon atoms are layered on top of one another . The carbon atoms are deposit from gas mainly methane . This process requires high temperature and pressure. The layering of carbon atoms in the presence of nitrogen gives rise to green diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds take around a week or two to form completely.  After the diamond is formed it goes through a seris.

they are highly precise in their color, clarity, carats, and cuts.

Lab-grown diamonds are relatively cheaper and ethical and people are inclined more towards buying lab-grown diamonds. But some argue that the romantic touch of natural produce can never be outwitted.